Fresh Is Best Turkey Heart Fillets

The Fresh Is Best Turkey Heart Fillets are a nutritious, easy-to-feed training treat or meal replacement snack for your dogs and cats, such as while traveling or training.


The healthy, low-carb treat is made with 100% natural, human-quality ingredients free of preservatives or fillers.

Fresh Is Best uses ethically sourced cage-free turkey raised without antibiotics or hormones. Slow freeze-dried to eliminate maximum moisture, the turkey heart fillets feature a natural meat flavor and are packed with essential nutrients and minerals found in raw meat.

The product comes in a vacuum-sealed bag with a high oxygen barrier to preserve maximum freshness until you open it. Once you open the bag, you can use it for up to two weeks without refrigerating it.

The turkey heart fillets can be fed dry or after rehydrating with equal amounts of water to any breed of cats and dogs and of all sizes.

Ragdoll Cats Eat Turkey Heart Treats

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