The Honest Kitchen Wishes Cat Treats

The Honest Kitchen Wishes Cat Treats are all natural cat treats that are eco-friendly, and a preferred cat treat with my Ragdoll cats.


The Honest Kitchen Wishes Cat Treats are cat treats made with 100% wild caught Haddock from Iceland. This company only uses sustainable fishing practices, which is extremely important because of overfishing, and because irresponsible fishing practices are damaging to the environment. Dehydrated haddock is the only ingredient in these gourmet cat treats- there is nothing else at all- no additives, dyes, preservatives, by-products, grains, or flavors. The back of the package has a guaranteed composition of fat, calories, and protein. I appreciate that these are so natural and pure because I like my cat treats to be healthy and safe for my kitties. These dehydrated fish cat treats come as large fillets but can be broken into pieces to give a smaller portion, place in a puzzle toy or dispenser, or for incentive or play. These were an instant hit with my cats, and probably will be for any cat who loves seafood cat treats. Mine even dragged his off to another room to eat it where he could better protect his “catch”. These awesome treats are also marketed as natural dog treats, which is a very nice feature if you have both because you only have to buy one treat and don’t have to worry about keeping them separate.

**Note: they have changed the look of their packaging since we reviewed them – but they are still the same product.

Here’s the arrival video of all The Honest Kitchen products – and Charlie and Trigg instantly chow down on the Wishes:


And then here’s the second time I gave them the treats, still digging them!


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