Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Treat Puzzle Dog Toy by Outward Hound

The Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Treat Puzzle Dog Toy is a pet toy that helps animals exercise their minds. To get the treats inside the Dog Brick, pets have to flip open the top compartments, paw and nuzzle to remove the middle compartments, and then slide the blocks in the lower compartments. It turns eating into a very fun activity and improves a pet’s state of mind.


The Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Puzzle by Outward Hound is a toy that will make eating extremely fun for pets. It is a 2-level game that animals will be very interested in. For the first level, they have to flip open the top compartments of the Dog Brick puzzle to unravel the treats. Then, for the second level, they have to first paw and nuzzle to remove middle white-bone compartments.

This will also reveal some treats for them to keep them interested in the game. After this, they have to slide up the lower bone compartments to get to the last of the treats. They have to rely on their smell, their agility, and their hunting instincts to solve the puzzle and it all leads to a very fun activity.

While the Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Puzzle is made for dogs, it is extremely useful for cats as well. You can read the full Floppycats review of the product to find out just how much fun cats can have with this pet toy. This game reduces boredom and it steers animals clear of destructive behavior.

Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Treat Puzzle Dog Floppycats Product Review Video

John, a Floppycats reader, bought two of these cat puzzles for his Ragdoll cats and said:

“Hi Jenny,
An update on my Nina Ottosson Puzzles. First, once again is fantastic on shipping. just a great company. 

The puzzles arrived today. I am extremely impressed with everything about the product. The quality is superb, seeing them in person, they are very well designed. I’m really psyched !!

I put a total of 4 pieces of the sample freeze dried in each puzzle, two pieces in opposite diagonal corners. My two fruitcakes found and ate all eight pieces in 4-5 minutes tops.  Fortunately Annie and Chuck chose their own puzzle. 

I’m sooo glad I ordered two puzzles. If not it would have been an ugly smackdown  🙂 

I’m as thrilled about my Floofs using their new Nina Ottosson Puzzles with the freeze dried treats as they are. 

It’s amazing to watch them as they sniff, hunt etc. for their treats. The ‘cat’ in them comes out and the gentle, laid back Raggie is put on hold 😀
If Floppycats Readers could have seen my two going bonkers for their treats in the Nina Ottosson Puzzles they would fly off the shelf…

My two just love the combination. Thanks Jenny.

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