Hauspanther Lynks – Felted Wool Cat Toys

The Lynks  felted wool cat toys from Hauspanther are toys crocheted especially for cats from 100% Peruvian Highland wool. Shaped like two intertwined rings, this toy has the ideal shape and texture to make cats carry them around and play with them. They are available in a generous range of colors, but all feature the same high-quality fabrics.

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The Hauspanther Lynks cat toys made out of felted wool are specially made to have just the right size, shape, and texture to make cats want to carry them around and play with them. They are crocheted out of 100% Peruvian Highland wool and they are extremely appealing to cats.

They are shaped like two intertwined rings to stimulate the cats’ playfulness. The Hauspanther Lynks felted wood cat toys are available in a wide range of colors and patterns and they come in sets of three. These include two patterned toys and one in plane colors. You can read the Floppycats review to find out more about the product.

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