Whisker Wishes Pet Toy Mouse

The Whisker Wishes Pet Toy Mouse is a realistic mouse toy for cats that you can open to put catnip in. These are great for solo play for kitties.

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The Whisker Wishes Pet Toy Mouse is a cat toy mouse that my cats really love to play with. I was honestly not expecting my cats to like these pet mouse toys as much as they did, but they surprised me and play with them often. They are not a great product for me to use to play with them, so if you are looking for an interactive pet toy, this probably isn’t it. However, they are awesome for solo play and I hear my cats batting them around on their own frequently.

These safe, organic cat toys are made from a really soft bunny-like material. The tail is made from sisal rope, and their tummies open and close with a Velcro strip. You can insert loose catnip into the tummy of the soft cat toy if your kitty is one who gets excited by catnip. These come with a sample of Whisker Wishes Organic Catnip for you to try with the toy. If your cat is excited more by sounds than catnip, you might want to put a small jingle ball or rattle inside. These are nice, small cat toys and would probably be great toys for teething kittens who might like to chew on these cat toys to relieve teething pain.

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