Dried Bonito Flakes by Eden Foods Product Review by Floppycats

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Trigg eating Eden Foods Bonito Flakes I requested some dried bonito flakes from Eden Foods after a Floppycats’ reader told me that she orders human grade dried bonito flakes from Eden Foods because Eden Foods keeps a close eye on sources to make sure it’s not radiation contaminated after the tsunami last year. They go above what’s required upon entry to the US. It’s where to buy human Japanese food products through, too.

Thank you to Eden Foods for sending us these yummy dried bonito flakes to try out.

Eden Foods Dried Bonito FlakesEDEN Bonito Flakes are made from the best quality authentic bonito fillets, also known as skipjack mackerel.  In the 15th century it was discovered that you could preserve bonito by drying it – and store it indefinitely in a cool, dry and dark environment.  Eden Foods’ Flakes are fillets that are steamed, aged and air dried and then shaved into delicate flakes.  It’s fat free and low in sodium.

Undoubtedly, Charlie and Trigg love them.  And as I say in some of the videos below, if you have a picky eater or an older kitty that is a sick kitty and are struggling to get them to eat, this might be the way to do it.  I usually send

You can buy Eden Foods Dried Bonito Flakes at a Discount on Vitacost for $6.45.  You can also sign up for Vitacost Rewards and save $10 on your first purchase at Vitacost.com.

Eden Foods is selling them for $6.83 each.  I just received an e-mail from Eden Foods where you can get 20% off Any EDEN Food. Simply enter the coupon code “AUGUST2012” when prompted during checkout. Offer expires September 30, 2012.  You can also order them by the case and save 10% – so really with the 20% Eden Foods discount code, you can get them for 30% off when you buy by the case.  In other words, instead of buying them for $73.76 for a case, you buy a case for $59.01 or $4.92/each plus shipping.

Here’s the arrival video:

And a video that shows them chowing down on them:

And other chow down video:

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2 thoughts on “Dried Bonito Flakes by Eden Foods Product Review by Floppycats

  1. Coco Chanels Mom says:

    I’ve also been serving Coco Chanel human-grade bonito flakes; it’s much tastier and (hopefully!) higher quality.

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