Does Your Cat Eat Grass?

Trigg, my blue Lynx mitted Ragdoll cat, likes to eat grass.  Well, it’s not really grass – but grassy plants that I have in the back corner of my yard.  It is his habit to do this – he does it every time we go outside.   I stopped using chemicals on my lawn about 2 years ago, so I know he is safe in that regard.  I also have heard that it can help with digestion.  Does anyone else know why he might be attracted to eating it?  And also, does your kitty eat grass?

Trigg Eating Grass
Trigg Eating Grass
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  1. I grow wheatgrass for my cat in a little tub, she loves it and it is good for her.

  2. All 3 of mine eat plants. They all especially love spider plants – and will do the meercat to better reach anything that manages to grow long enough for them to reach. Andy grazes on plants whenever he is outside. Today I caught him eating the grass of chives and I chased him away – related to onions. But now, thanks to Sondi, I can relax and let him taste away. Thank you, Sondi. My mothers cats love to eat the grass in her yard and they never throw up! She takes care of her own lawn and so there are no chemicals to worry about either.

    1. i love it – i would love to see them in the meerkat pose eating the spider plants! trigg has yet to bother my chives – wonder why.

  3. My cats have always eaten either the grass outside (we don’t use a lawn service so there are no chemicals) or the oat grass grown in pots. We had one cat that would love to eat the tips of wild onions and other than stinky breath, he had no problems. This cat grass does seem to help them get rid of the fur balls that could get stuck in their digestive track so we let them enjoy it.

    1. i’ve tried the oat grass, they aren’t terribly interested in it – or maybe it was wheat grass, i cannot remember.

  4. Judy Lynn says:

    Yes, all my cats have eaten grass/plants/pine straw, etc. I noticed that almost everytime they did, they would cough up a hairball, so I assumed it was helping in that regard. I don’t let them outside anymore and keep the houseplants as out of reach as possible. They DO love the plants though, especially ones with delicate, frond-like leaves. I read that they eat catnip (in a plant) also.

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