Do You Call Your Cat By His or Her Given Name?

Rags ©2006 Elaina G Photography
Rags ©2006 Elaina G Photography

Do You Call Your Cat By His or Her Given Name?

Originally published Feb 3, 2011

When Rags was 14 years old (I was 24), I decided to take him to a new vet.  When they were getting ready to give him a shot for something or other, they told me to talk to him while they did it – so I started out, “Hi Freegie, are you my little Poo-Poos?”  And the vet as well with the vet technician looked at me and said, “This is Rags Dean, right?”

I said, “Yes, of course.”  And then realized that I hadn’t called him by his given name during the course of the shot, so I followed it up with the fact that I rarely call my cats by their given names.  Some people have told me that it is really weird that I don’t.

Caymus and Murphy
Caymus and Murphy

So, it made me wonder, “Do you call your cat by his or her given name?” 

Here are the list of cats that I have lived with and what I called/call them.

Rags = Poo-Poos, Raggle Muffin, Freegie, Freeg


Alley = Ms. Booder or just Booder
Caymus = Nussy, Cay-Cay Nusser, Baby New
Murphy = Beau, Cy Beau, Smurphy
Charlie = Charlamagne, Sharlie, Bubbie, Charlie-man-sers, Wubbie, WubbieBoo, Wubbie Boo Boo
Trigg = Chiggy Wiggy Woo Woo, Triggerman, Chigga, Triggy, Gaussy (after Carl Friedrich Gauss), Gausing

Trigg and Charlie are 5 years old, so their nicknames are bound to change and develop more.

If you have a nickname or a plethora of nicknames for your kitty, I would be curious to know what your kitty’s given name is and what you actually call them!

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79 thoughts on “Do You Call Your Cat By His or Her Given Name?

  1. MildredPierce says:

    Walter- walty, turkey, tur tur, turkish, chubis, munkis, waltray, baby beluga,belugs, fats, bratwurst, brat face
    Stanley- string bean, beany, beanwa, Stan stan, bean bean, stringy
    Both of them together- the poots, pooters, bubs, bubberts, the bros, bratty bros,broskis, munks, chickamunks.

  2. Stacy Hikari says:

    My seal mitted lynx, Tyrion has several nicknames and to which he answers

    Me: Cuddle-bun, Lannislove, Ty ty, Fur-baby.
    friend Brian: fluffat, cuddlecat
    Girlfriend: Fur-baby

  3. Patti Johnson says:

    Lurve, lurve, lurve all the nicknames you give your boys, Jenny! And, all the nicknames in the comments are hilariously delightful! We do the same thing. Miss Pink Sugarbelle’s given name is: Pink Sugar

    But…we call her…

    Miss Pink Sugarbelle
    Miss Pink Sugarboo
    Miss Pink Sugarbean
    Miss Pink Sugardoodles
    Miss Pink Sugarbunny
    Miss Pink SugarHerself
    Miss Pink Sugarfluffyfluffs
    Empress Floppybutt
    Empress Fluffybutt
    Empress Fluffypants
    The Queen
    Her Majesty

    Just to name a few. lol 🙂

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarsnickerdoodle 🙂 <3

  4. Penny says:

    And now Mimsy has Mr. PrissyPants, Boo Boo Cream Cheese, Plume, Squeak…and he and Dinah have silly song remakes with their names in them. I found that a lot of cat lovers do the songs!

    • Jenny says:

      i think i like “boo boo cream cheese” the most – that’s fantastic! that’s fun to know a lot of cat lovers do the songs!

  5. Lisa says:

    My Goodness I thought it was just me.Mr Tuffles doesnt know thats his name but he knows my tone of voice is only for him,List of names are,that I can remember shweety ,Lolly Lou,Luv Luv Luv,Sha La La, La La,Shagg Wagg ,Shaggy Waggy Ragdoll,Shweet Luvvy Luv.I could go on and on.Allin the name of the huge addoration I have for this shweet Little Boy Ragdoll that follows me all day long and loves for me to blow bubbles for him the liquid kid ones with the little wand thing.If I haller BUBBLES he comes running down the hallway he just luvs those.He also comes when I yell CAT SNAX.But Bubbles always works Bye Lisa

  6. Mrs.Jones says:

    I only have 1 kitty but… It’s the kitties I love bunches that get called nicknames other than their given name. 🙂
    My baby boys name is Ghangis, but he gets called a multitude of love names including; Gangy, Ganglion, Fluffy, Sheeba, KittyMeow, Booboo, lover, meowmeow, Fuzzy, Boy, etc… It changes all the time… Sometimes even BadBoy, or BadKitty.

  7. Catherine says:

    My two boys Squee and Jeepers may or may not know their names but they do know their nicknames!

    Squee: Squeeker (he’s part Siamese and oy can he yowl), Squeeball, Squee-Squee, Fluffbutt, Fuzzface
    Jeepers: Creepers, Jeepers Creepers (this is the cat that jumped off our third floor apartment balcony twice in one day), Suckface (he’ll “kiss kiss” on command), Catsanova

  8. ej says:

    Sheba: Sheba-beeba, Sheebzie, Shebalicious, Miss Missy, Miss Kitten, Meowker, World’s Most Beautifulest Cat (she really was)

    Chooch: Choochamunga, Choochkie, Choochy Boy, Choo-Choo, Choochkeleh, Boychik, Buddy Boy

    I lost them both within the past year.

  9. Mika says:

    Oh, I forgot ‘Darcy doodle Dandy’
    (he is subjected to my endless song parodies that I love to do using his name or Ragdoll instead, thank goodness he doesn’t mind 🙂

  10. Mika says:

    Mr. Darcy is also at times called Poopy-Paws*, Darcy Doodle*, Doodle, Darcy-Doodle Silly-Noodle(done in song), KittyPuss*, Pancake(due to his color) and Curry Cake(for the way he seems to beg whenever he smells curry powder), Boozy Bear, Mommy’s Baby, FairyPaws, DaintyPaws, SnuggleKins(what my son calls him when snuggling)

      • Jenny says:

        I totally call Charlie, “Charlie Pants” – and I used to call the kid that lived next door, “Lilly Pants”. My boyfriend said to me, “Do you just add “pants” to the end of people’s names you like?” – I guess I do.

      • Mika says:

        Thanks GlamKitty, and Fairypants is so cute.
        Jenny, I love the ‘pants’ thing added to the end of a name, that is too cute : )
        I had an Aunt that would add cutesy words to the end of a name and now my family does it all the time either at the beginning or end of a word, especially for children & pets.

  11. Suzanne says:

    Boy are we a bunch of fruitcakes. Baxter AKA Grumpy-pants, Baxter-Noodle-Doo, Mr. B,
    Mr. Bee-Boozler, Baxx-a rooni-tooni, Baxx-Man, Baxi-Mundo

    Violet, AKA Mrs. Beasley, Beaslier, (Beaslia-Beaslia-Bee), Beeters, Booder, Viley-Oli, V-oletta

    Oh, they go on…

  12. Penny says:

    It’s not ususual at all. Dinah is sometimes ‘Racer’ or ‘Tabby’. Mimsy, who’s totally white, is ‘Little Swan’ or ‘Bunny-Feets’. Or ‘Fluffy Butt’. ‘Sir Mimserton’, when he’s fussy about grooming, or ‘Mimsinator’ when he’s destroying household items. My husband and I will discover more nicknames, I’m sure.

  13. Jen says:

    Oh goodness.

    Adso’s nicknames include:
    Adso von Knuckle-head (my dad’s contribution)
    Boo-boo cat
    Mr. Drooley-cat
    Mr. Foofy-cat
    Foof-meister Meister-foof

    I just adopted Milo, a solid cream ragdoll, about a month ago. So far his nicknames are:
    Sweety Bear
    Milo von Stinkybutt (he’s a bit gassy at times from the kitten food…)

    He’s a bit crazy at this point, he’s 12 weeks old, but I know when he calms down and more of his adult personality shows, he’ll gain a number of new nicknames. 🙂

  14. sandra L lawler says:

    my cats name is snuggle angel he is a seal lynx point and 3 yrs. old. i called him snuggs,woolvergoose,now i call him goosetifur, goose for short. he wales on a leash like a dog. loves shoes, sinks and snow.he also likes to cuddle in bed. sandi a rag doll lover

    • admin says:

      Sandra, I love it!! Thanks for sharing! Let me know if you want to feature Snuggle Angel as Ragdoll of the Week on – I can send you the details. Just shoot me an e-mail at jenny [at] and I will send you the information on how to move forward. Thanks.

  15. Eve Kurpiers says:

    Snuggler I’ve had for 5 years, she’s a choc. lynx torbie bicolor so she’s been called
    everything from “Torbes”, “Snugg Bugg” “Nugg Bug” “Nuggie” “Noogie” “Chairman Meow”, Nuzzler my blue bicolor has been “Nuzzie” “NuzzBuzz” “Nuzz” “Gray” “Nuzzles”
    “Nuzzle Pie” “Nuzzle Sandwiches” “Sandwich”…Bongo my tuxedo is “Bong” “Bungo”
    “Bango” then he started putting on some weight so his new name became “Tubby”
    “Tubbathon” “Tub,Tub,Tub…”…….My office cat(yes I have an office cat LOL) is a little
    stray calico named Tortie – so she became “Dumpster Diver”, “Torte-Cake” “Torta Cayka” “Tortis” “Tortisboard” … suprising to see SO many names on this! =)

  16. Kelly Loftus says:

    My ragdoll’s official name is Franklin, but he has so many nicknames. The most common one is probably Mister Moo. Have no idea where that one came from, but it has definitely stuck. He also goes by Frank, Frankie, Frankfurt, Frank and frijoles (my boyfriend gave him that one 🙂 Booboo, Fattums, and Pinky for his bubblegum pink nose and feet. It’s nice to know I’m not the only person who loves their cat like crazy and gives them ridiculous pet names.

  17. Lynn Harris says:

    I shared my nicknames yesterday, but I wanted to say that this thread has been great!! I look forward to peeking into my mailbox to see what other names people call their precious babies. The responses have given me “that warm fuzzy feeling”, reminding me of how much we all love our pets!!

    • admin says:

      totally love it – charlie does too!! i might have to use that one – i like to watch charlie run towards the back door because his butt is so fluffy!!

      • Betty says:

        Yes! It is that happy hop/bound they do at the prospect of special fun! It has become an adjective as well as a noun here, as in “Ran like a Bunny-butt.”

  18. Betty says:

    Lots of fun reading all the nicknames! Have to add mine to the mix. Andy is Andy-Boy, Andy-Boy-Broccoli, Prince Fatty, Bunny, Baby, Baby bunny and the one I am afraid he is going to recognize as his given name, Puppy. Clearly he is a rag. Oscar is called Grouch, Hungry man and Hey!, Felix is called Baldy, Skinny Boy, Boss.

    My motehr’s cats are called Pain in the A* * because he NEVER leaves her alone!
    Thanks for the thread – lots of fun!

    • admin says:

      These are so fun – I agree. I never thought it would solicit this much response, but I love it. I like “Andy Boy Broccoli” – wondering where Broccoli came into the picture on that one.

  19. Sue Smith says:

    I’ve had “nicknames” for all my cats:

    Moo-cat was “Moo”.
    Morgan was “Beezer” and “Porgie Tire-biter” or “Tire-biter”.
    O’Keeffe was “Keefer” or “Keeffer-cat”.
    Ernie was just “Ernie” (he was one-of-a-kind)
    Moishe Pupik was “Moishey” or “Pupik-cat” (Moishe Pupik is Morris Bellybutton in Yiddish)
    Sassy is “Sassy-cat” or “So-Sassy” or “Sassy-fras” or “Sass-say”
    Rubydee is “Ruby-tubes” or “Rue-bay” or “Dee-Dee” or “Ruby-tooby” or “Madame Tubes” or “Madame Tubacious”.

  20. Geo says:

    I do call my boys by their names: Valentino and Romeo, I need them to recognize their name and come when called–which they often do. At times it’s Prince Valentino and Baby Romeo. Other times, it’s sweetheart and honey bun. But I also call them by nick names which change with my mood, I guess. Lately, it’s Baby Boo. Constantly, “Baby Boo!” ( I have no idea why ; )

    • admin says:

      Baby Boo is precious. Yes, I think it is important that they understand their names. Charlie gets the new name I call him after about 20 times – but he definitely knows “Charlie” is his name.

  21. Heidi says:

    Sophie is Bean, Beanie-Weenie, Princess, Princess Bean-a, Princess Sophie Bean, Mouse, Kittengirly, and of course Number One Kitten.

    Harry Houdini is Hairball, Hairballski, Pointy-Cat

    Frank Sinatra is Frankie, Stinkbug (he has a bit of a gas problem), Stinky, Bunny Belly

  22. GlamKitty says:

    This is SO funny!! (I’ve long thought I was the only one who did this… ;))
    Well, since you asked, my gorgeous bluepoint Ragdoll, Boomer, is Also Known As:

    BoomBoom, Boomer Zoomer, BoomPants, BoomBoomPants, Pants-a-Roni, Pants-Mostaccioli (no idea why), Sugar Dumplin’, Booberry Vanilla Chinchilla, Fuzzy Britches, Sugar Puddin ‘n Pie, Boombuhdy, Boom-Diddly, Boom-P, Boomper, Senor PurrPants, Blueberry Vanilla Cream Pie, Dumplin’ Moose, and Baby Angel… for starters. ;D

    (Clearly, I’m obsessed with his pantaloons. And with dessert. *sigh*)

    • admin says:

      This is fantastic – the dog next door to me is named, “Maddie” but I call her “Maddie Pants” – HAVE NO IDEA WHY – but I do.

    • GlamKitty says:

      I forgot Beefy-Bear and Baby Beef. We had a large Snowshoe Siamese before Boomer, and one of his nicknames was Sir Beef… a) because he was rotund, and b) one of the many places we lived had a restaurant chain by that name (which my husband and I found amusing, to say the least). Anyway, Boomer is a strapping boy, who sounds like a “herd of buffalo” (or beefalo, because it sounds funny) when he runs… hence, the need for his own “beef” names.

  23. Melody says:

    Wow there are a lot of comments on this! Nice! I tend to use the given name but I am curious to know whether cats become confused when one uses several names to call them. Do you think they still recognize their original name or even each and every nickname?

    • admin says:

      Yes, I definitely think they do. Charlie definitely knows his name. Trigg might not know his name as well as Charlie, but he definitely knows he is “Chiggy”

  24. Brita says:

    I am loving all these wonderful nicknames! We’ve only had Annabella about five months, so she’s just Annie most of the time, and Nanniebells. My hubby calls her The Princess or The Beautiful One. Great thread!!!!

  25. Carrie Wehmeyer says:

    Sparkle Fun Cat aka Sparks, Bratface, Kittenface
    Chantilly Lace aka Tillbug, Bugga, Buggabrow
    Levi Strauss aka Mungojerrie, Mungo, Fatgo, Bluto
    Jordache Moment aka Baby Kitty, Poo poo muffin cookie britches, Dr. Poop, Poopy hamster
    Midas aka Mighty Mite

  26. Cat Spicer says:

    You make an interesting point. My husband and I have thought for days when coming up with our fur herd’s monikers, yet as time goes by, they ALL get various nicknames. Here’s what you’d hear in our house (just like human kids, when the fur babies hear us say their ‘given’ name it’s because they are in trouble).

    Zoe (aka Zo-Zo, Princess, Zoe Crawford – she had a mole on her lip like the supermodel)
    Lobo (aka Lobes, Pudge – she has a ‘bit’ of a weight issue)
    Rico (aka ‘ico, Little Buddy, O Boy 1)
    Oscar (aka Ozzy, Oz, O Boy 2)
    Lily (aka Flaca – skinny in Spanish)
    Dahlia (aka Dolly, Doll-Doll)
    The next 3 or our latest rescues and only 6 months old, so I’m sure they’ll get more nicknames as time goes on.
    Pancho (aka Panch, Panch-ee, Weasley – after Ron in Harry Potter, Baby O Boy)
    Rosa (aka Furry Potter – she has a red birthmark on her forehead)
    Maya (aka Furmoinie – after Hermoinie in Harry Potter, Fluffy – she’s either a rag doll or Maine Coon, too early to tell)

    • Rebekah C says:

      Cat Spicer, I love all the Harry Potter-themed names! We have a shelter rescue named Nymphadora Tonks, and we call her Tonks (Tonkin, Tonkinator, Missy Tonks, and often Tonkin’s ‘Tocks, when she shows us her ‘tocks)

  27. Lynn Harris says:

    My Ragdolls are Isabella, Alexandria, and Cleopatra – but I rarely call them by these names. Isabella is Izzy, Izzy-Belly, Smelly-Belly, Bella, or Sweet Baby. Alexandria – is Ally, Ally-Ally-Oopy-Oopy, or Pretty Girl; and Cleopatra is Cleo, Crazy Girl, Beautiful Baby and Wild One. I also have a Maltese dog named Little Bit. I call him Bit-Bit, Bitty-Boo, Boo-Boo or Bitty-Bitty-Boo-Boo.

    • admin says:

      SO FUNNY – I wonder if I pronounce this how you do, “Ally-Oopy-Oopy” – when I was writing this post, I had to ask Bill (boyfriend) how in heck to spell some of the names I have for them!

  28. Rebekah C says:

    Our ragdoll, Taro, also has many nicknames, some of which were mentioned by other commenters, which I think is hilarious:

    Taro Tapioca (Jenny will understand this reference!)
    Mr. T
    Rascal (when he’s been naughty)

    Our first ragdoll, who died at a very young age due to FIP, was named Jasper, and we had lots of nicknames for him:

    Sir Flops a Lot
    Baker, Baker, Kitty Biscuit Maker
    Senor Fluffykins
    Flying Capuchin
    Princely Lion

    • admin says:

      I do understand it – “Taro Tapioca” – and love it!! I also love “Sir Flops A Lot” – all these great nicknames are making me smile!!

  29. JLSW says:

    So, Artemis got these nick names: Artimass, Fartimas (the food he was eating gave him bad gas. Changed food and no more gas!), Artimoose (Can you do the fandango??), Arty (gramma calls him that), Furry Meatloaf, Fuzzball, and Fluffy Boy. Adam gets called Adams and that’s about it. Binkley gets called Baby (his name before daddy met him) and Binks. Fidget gets Fidg, Fidgy, or Fidgy Pie Poo. There is even a little song that goes with the last one, but we won’t go there. JLS

    • admin says:

      “There is even a little song that goes with the last one” – OH DO I HAVE SONGS!!! I love it. I often replace words from well known songs with their names! LOVE IT!

  30. Jackie Greenleaf says:

    I call my Angel many different names, depending on our moods. :3 Mostly sweet little names like Muff-Muff, Sweetie, Girlfriend, she answers to them all. Sometimes I call her a naughty girl, but not often. She doesn’t like that. She can tell by the tone of my voice that I’m unhappy with her. As her name implies, she’s an Angel most of the time.

  31. Coinneach Fitzpatrick says:

    Charlotte = Charlie, Chuck, Chucklehead, Goofball, Charleston Q Floofenheimer.
    Maisy = Miss Foof, Princess (she’s a very dignified Persian).

    All cats have nicknames, or should. Our doctor calls Charlie “Girlfriend” and Maisy “Beauty.”

  32. Wendy says:

    Her real name is Martina.
    Mostly i call her Baby, or baby boo, or cutie pie.
    My hubby calls her Martian May
    My daughter calls her Tarmina (I hate this and yell at her all the time, good thing she doesn’t live with us anymore,LOL)
    And of course Martina calls herself “Princess Kitty”

    • admin says:

      I wish there was a “like” button on my site for someone’s comment like there is on Facebook! Totally cute – “Martina calls herself Princess Kitty” – as she should – she’s gorgeous.

  33. gaar edwards says:

    No doubt it is just me but I have a terrible time navigating through all the stuff on floppycats just to find ragdolls available for rescue. Is there a dedicated spot in the menu where I can just click and run down those available without having to see everybodys photos and stories and tada-tada-tada? Distance doesn’t matter to me and philosophically this is what I want to do but JEEZ! I know I’m probably just a da……ed grouch. Please tell me there is a quicker process.

    • admin says:

      HI Gaar,

      Yes, of course. Try this link – – of course, there are tons of Ragdoll Rescues that are available through different rescues and animal shelters as well – so it’s not an easy thing. I wish I could pay someone and have them organize it on a daily basis.

      You want to check Craig’s List and also see what’s available. I post Ragdoll Rescues I find from Craig’s List on our Facebook page and send the owner an e-mail to please post them on the site.

      Other than that, I would recommend checking out my tips on how to find one here –


  34. lisa S says:

    I love that you don’t call your cats by their given names. I don’t either (not all the time anyway)
    My Ragdoll’s given name on his birth Certificate is Luigi Mollo Staffa of Long Island Rags.
    So we call him the following names:
    LooLoo Monsta
    Fluffer Nutter (my fave)
    and Flops
    then we wonder why he is the only cat in our house that doesn’t answer to his name when we call him 🙂

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