Historical Resignation: Larry the Cat Announces Boris Johnson’s Departure from MP Role

We love famous cats at Floppycats, and one of the most well-known in the world is Larry the Cat. He’s Chief Mouser for Number 10 Downing Street in the UK, responsible for making sure there are no mice running around while all the serious political stuff happens.

He’s extremely popular – and so is the Twitter account claiming to be him. Obviously, it’s not Larry, and it’s not an official account either – it’s very acerbic about British politics, including the current and past Prime Ministers.

And following the news that Boris Johnson has resigned from his position as MP, ‘Larry’ was at it again:

What’s the Joke?

If you don’t keep up with British politics, Boris Johnson was the Prime Minister until last year, when he was ousted for a number of reasons. He’d been accused of lying about his attendance at parties during COVID lockdowns, and while that wasn’t the final reason he lost confidence from his party, it certainly played a part.

And the investigation into his lies has continued, with a report delivered to him yesterday. So, he has now completely resigned as a Member of Parliament, although he’s gone kicking and screaming, claiming it’s a conspiracy and that he was always honest.

As for the line about his kids? Larry’s joke here is referencing the accusations that Boris has multiple secret children by multiple partners – a recurring attack/joke made at Boris’ expense that he has done little to deny.

Who’s Behind ‘Larry’ the Cat?

It’s not clear who is really behind the Larry the Cat Twitter account, but with over 800,000 followers, they’re certainly doing something right. They post a lot of satirical jokes about British politics, along with some occasional cute cat content – so even if you just like seeing photos of the real Larry the Cat, it’s worth giving the account a follow.

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