10 of the Most Difficult Aspects of Raising a Kitty Cat

Bringing a new cat into the family is among the most exciting and rewarding experiences in many people’s lives. That said, cats are complex creatures, and if you’ve never had one before, raising your cat can come with quite the learning curve.

One user on a popular online cat advice forum asks others, “what’s the hardest part about raising a cat?” Feline lovers came together to share their biggest cat-raising challenges. See what they had to say and if you agree.

1. Kittenhood

Baby Ragdoll Kittens in a box as a present.
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Kittens are a lot of work. They have tons of energy, wield sharp teeth, and leave no furniture unscathed with their little razor claws.

While raising kittens can be extremely rewarding and fun, it’s important to avoid going into the experience with the wrong expectations. “I don’t think most people know how involved and difficult kittens can be,” one user shares.

2. Unpredictable Personalities

Cat being pet by a lady in bed.
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Each cat has a unique and often quirky personality; you never know what you’ll get. One user discusses their experience raising two cats from kittens, each with a wildly different personality.

“One is moody, bossy, and hates being picked up, but she is very smart and sociable. The other is loving and snuggly but fearful of strangers,” they write.

3. Knowing One Day They Will Die

Orange cat at the vet being checked.
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The most challenging part about loving any pet is knowing they won’t be around forever. “It never gets any easier. It’s worth it to love a cat and share your life with them, but gosh darn does it hurt,” admits another feline parent.

4. Dealing With Cat Puke

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If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know they tend to puke every so often. From hairballs to upset bellies, kitties hork up gross stuff much more often than anyone likes.

One fur baby owner shares that they often wish to speak to their cat to ask: “so you just vomited on my rug three times in the past hour… is this just a sporadic kitty vom day, or are you dying?”

5. Senior Cat Care

Ragdoll cat with bright blue eyes lounging on a brown plaid couch
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If raising a kitten is tough, facing senior cat care is even tougher. One commenter says their cat is getting older and refuses to eat certain foods.

Senior cats also tend to get sick more often, and trying to pill a cat is like wrangling a lion. Plus, the older your cat gets, the more you fear it will pass on soon.

6. Keeping Energetic Cats Entertained

Orange Cats playing with another cat
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While some cats prefer to laze around all day, lying in the sun, many also enjoy regularly scheduled brisk exercise and playtime.

That means your cats may sprint around your house, play with things you drop on the floor, and pester you to give them attention whenever they please. “You have to make that time multiple times a day to play with them,” one cat owner shares, “and it’s a lot of work.”

7. Cats Are Nocturnal

Cat being petted by a women in bed.
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Cats sleep all day and become active at night because they are nocturnal. That often means your cat wants food, attention, or playtime while you’re trying to sleep. One admits loving their two babies more than anything in the world but was unprepared for interrupted sleep every night.

8. Vet Care Is Expensive

Cat at the vets
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Any pet owner can tell you that veterinary care is costly. Many cats have health issues that require semi-frequent vet visits and regular medication. On top of that, the stress cat owners experience when their kitties are sick can be very painful and impact their life.

9. So Much Shedding

Cleaning up from a cat.
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Cats never stop shedding. Unless you have a hairless cat, you should expect to be covered in cat hair at all times unless you’re excellent with a lint roller. “Every now and then, I get a hair stuck to my eyeball,” one states. It was very unpleasant.

10. Cats Do Their Own Thing

Cat sitting on the counter drinking from a plate.
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Cats are unlike dogs in many ways, but one of the most well-known is that cats are much harder to train. They would prefer to do their own thing, like jumping on tables, scratching furniture, and eating food off your plate when you aren’t looking. A final feline lover laments “I know they understand me but aren’t listening.”

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