9 Fun Felted Etsy Cat Beds

You might’ve seen that when we previously got a wool-felted cat bed for product review, Trigg responded crazily to it! All I did was slice a knife through the packing tape in preparation for an arrival video, and just opening the box that wee bit made Trigg look for what was inside. 

I was so surprised by his reaction to wool! Ever since, I have enjoyed looking at all the different and creative ways wool cat beds can be created. Many of these move away from traditional cat furniture designs, coming in various shapes and attractive colors.

I’ve found nine fun Etsy cat beds from Etsy sellers who’ve put some fantastic effort into their cat beds. Etsy’s editor picks are a great place to start if you’re looking for other gift ideas.

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9 Fun Felted Cat Cave Beds on Etsy Floppycats

1. Cat Cave Bed by WoolyCatCaves

The Cat Cave Bed is a fun place for your cat to relax and escape, whether they’re in the mood for playtime or a nap. Made from 100% felted wool from alpine sheep, it’s durable and can even be washed in the washing machine without losing shape.

The modern design includes a long, wispy spike, and it is available in four colors – dark grey, medium grey, dark beige, and light beige. Two sizes are available, with the larger recommended for cats up to 26lb, and you can even request a custom size for the entrance if you’re concerned about your larger cat fitting inside.

2. Eco-Friendly Felt Cat House by RNDTreasure

This attractive cat bed is made from pure 100% felt wool sourced from sheep, ensuring it is durable and washable. You only need to vacuum it to keep it clean in most instances, but once washed, you can adjust it to get the shape back to normal, and then it just needs to be hung dry for 24 hours.

This option has two sizes – a 40cm diameter (15.8 inches) or a 50cm option (19.7 inches). Each handmade piece is designed to look like a fruit, with green shoots sprouting from the top, meaning it is adorable and a fun addition to your home.

3. Natural White Cat Cave House by AgnesFelt

Looking for a low-profile cat bed that offers plenty of cozy space inside for your cat to relax? This cat cave certainly lives up to its name – it may not be the tallest option, but it’s an ideal hidey-hole when your cat wants to laze in a sheltered den.

It’s available in five sizes, ranging from Small (14.6 inches wide, 15.7 inches deep, 6.7 inches tall) to XXL (20.1 inches wide, 21.3 inches deep, 8.3 inches tall), so you’ll be able to find one that suits your kitty. It’s made from 100% natural wool and can be hand-washed using ordinary laundry detergent. Plus, it has a cute cat-ear design.

4. Cat Cave Bed by Catpetbed

Are you looking for a roomy cat bed that will keep your cats and kittens toasty while they relax? This delightful cat bed has a funky design and is available in five colors – brown, light grey, grey, cappuccino, and natural white.

It’s also available in five sizes, from Small (14.6 inches wide, 15.7 inches deep, 25.6 inches tall) to XXL (20.1 inches wide, 21.3 inches deep, 27.2 inches tall). The wool used is an excellent heat insulator, but it’s also breathable, so it doesn’t become uncomfortable for your kitty.

5. Snail Cat Bed-Felt Wool Cat Cave by FeltnPet

This is a fantastic option if you want a fun and funky cat bed that stands out. Look elsewhere if you want subtlety – but your cat will likely love the fun orange color and eye stalks of this snail-inspired cat cave.

It comes in two sizes – a smaller one for cats 9-11lbs and a larger one for cats up to 18 lbs. It’s made using pure New Zealand wool with natural dyes only and can be hand-washed in cool water with a special wool cleaner.

6. Red Mushroom Cat Bed by Reefelt

This mushroom-inspired cat cave bed brings a little of the outdoors into your home. Made using 100% Merino New Zealand wool, it is very soft and warm, making it an extremely cozy spot for your cat to unwind and enjoy a good nap.

The bed is made using only a single piece of felt, so there is no stitching or glues that could fail. Natural dyes are used, too, so you don’t need to worry about chemicals affecting your cat.

7. Grey Bed with Flower by FeltnPet

Choose from a range of cozy cat beds offering fantastic designs, including the grey bed with a flower attached. Your cat will love exploring their private cave space, and the cute red flower on top is a charming accessory.

It’s around 12 inches tall and 16 inches wide, with an opening of around 8 inches, so it’s best suited to more petite kitties. It can be vacuumed clean or hand-washed if needed. Various designs are available from this seller, but the grey bed has arguably the cutest design.

8. Bee Hive Cat Bed by Feltnyarn

If you want a colorful cat bed for your cat, then choose this beehive-inspired option. It comes in vibrant yellow and has adorable bees attached to the outside. The cat bed is made from pure wool and measures around 12 inches tall and 20 inches deep, with an 8-inch entry.

As an added bonus, this cat bed also comes with four free felt cat balls that your cat can enjoy for some fun supervised play.

9. Fairy Elf Wool Felted Cat Cave by FeltSilkArtGift

This cat cave is beautifully intricate and designed to look like a fairy house. It’s a magical cat space for a magical cat! It even has a small window on the side that your cat will love to look out of while they doze away the day.

The house measures 16 inches by 16.5 inches and is around 10 inches tall, and you can even request customizations to change the design season.

Why Are Felt and Wool Cat Beds Good for Cats?

One of the main benefits of choosing felt wool cat beds is the lack of artificial materials in their manufacture. A lot of standard cat beds are made from materials that aren’t sustainable. They are also often treated with fire-retardant chemicals, which can actually be harmful to cats.

Choosing a felt or wool bed instead means your kitty is kept safe from these harmful toxins and can sleep and play to their heart’s content in a healthy, comfy space. Wool and felt are also great insulators, so the insides of the cat caves stay nice and warm without overheating. Your indoor cats will love to laze the day away inside.

Just be sure to check to size – you’ll need to get a large cat house for breeds like Ragdoll cats who need enough space. They won’t want to be left with a paw sticking out of the door! And even the biggest cat cave beds only occupy small spaces in your home.

Cat Cave Alternatives

Cat cave beds such as these aren’t suitable for every kitty. If you own height-loving felines, they may not be comfortable enjoying a nap on the ground. For those cats, you may consider the best cat trees instead or a cat condo that incorporates baskets for sleeping along with a cat scratching post or other accessories for stimulation.

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Etsy Tips

When buying a cat cave bed, remember that Etsy is a global marketplace and that these products are often made and shipped from locations all over the globe. Etsy shoppers should always check the expected delivery times.

But this opens up your options, with more availability for a host of cat bed designs. So, while these are 9 of the best Etsy cat beds I’ve found, take your time browsing the site to find more of your own.

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  1. Each one is just ADORABLE!!!
    My faves are #2 and #6.

  2. i don’t have one but i’d love to. i think my cats would like them and i know one of them would. especially in the winter. these here are so freakin cute. i love the fish one and the bell or “hersey kiss” and the orange cat face. they are all darling. and patty.. maybe she just doesn’t like the smell of it. cats are particular. charlie and trigg loved the smell and it obviously had a smell because they kept smelling it. maybe your cat doesn’t like that smell of wool. i had a cat once that didn’t like a wool blanket i had. he would walk around it on the bed. cats are cats…lol

  3. Teresa Reid says:

    Very cute kitty beds! Had the very same experience with the Lollycadoodle bed that Patti is mentioning. I moved it’s location thinking that might be the probem, but not! Gracie is the only one who ever got in it and she went through that phase in about a month and then never used it again. Mine all love their Peach Provisions and Royal Cat Boutique beds and are in them daily.

    1. i’d be interested in seeing the royal cat boutique beds!

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    Oooooooh, I lurve these! What fun!!!! More reasons to lurve Etsy!!! 🙂 <3

    I got Miss Pink Sugarbelle the Lollycadoodle Wool Cat Cave thingy earlier this year (or was it late last year?). Oh, well. Timing doesn't matter. What matters is that I have tried EVERYTHING to entice our girl to get interested in it and she continues to snub it to this day. She put her front feet in it once (when I compressed it into "bed mode") and then immediately removed her feet and walked away. I tried putting it in "cave mode" and loaded it up with her favorite toys. She got her toys out but has never tried to get into it. Go figure. Meh. Every few months I change the location and hope that she'll "discover" it and explore it but it makes no difference. She has not interest in it whatsoever. Even if I rub catnip in it she refuses to take the bait. I don't know why she is so disinterested in it. I think she's just a Cardboard Girl and not a Felt Girl. But, I'm still hopeful that one day she'll change her mind. Quirky kitteh!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. patti, you might take it away for a while and then bring it back out – i had success with that with charlie and trigg. i put them away in a closet for summer and brought them back out for winter and they were all of a sudden interested again. you could also try selling it on craig’s list! sorry it hasn’t worked out!

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