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If you have had a cat for any amount of time, chances are you have learned the woes of the cat litter box and the need for a cat litter disposal container.

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I’ve used many cat litter waste bins over the years, including other ones by Red Rocket Pets. When Red Rocket Pets reached out to see if I wanted to review another one of their products, the Multi kitty TWIST’R® cat litter pail, I happily said yes because I had such a pleasant experience with the first review with them.

First Impressions of the Product

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Like the other TWIST’Rs from Red Rocket Pets, this one comes in pieces, and you have to put it together. Reminds me a lot of Legos or Lincoln Logs, and I enjoy the challenge of trying to figure it out. Compared to the other TWIST’Rs I’ve reviewed, this one is much taller, so certainly holds more litter. I like the hue of white of the Red Rocket Pets’ plastic – it’s brighter and whiter and doesn’t seem like it will dull and fade over time like other cat litter waste bins I have reviewed.

I like that it comes with a litter scoop and a caddy to put that litter scoop in.


The Multi kitty TWIST’R® Cat comes in a reasonably compact box when you consider the size of the whole product when it’s put together. There’s ample protection for all of the items, keeping them safe. Everything comes in its own baggie, so they stay separate and come out without much hassle.

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Box Contents

Once you pull everything out, you might get a little overwhelmed because there are a few things in there.

There’s the bin base, lower bin, and upper bin, which make up the actual bin itself. It contains a lid along with a charcoal sachet. It comes with a foot pedal, metal rods, and hooks for installation. A scoop caddy and scoop and the two refill bags are also part of the box.

Assembly Required

The Multi kitty TWIST’R® Cat comes deconstructed, so you’ll have to put it all together. However, it might look more intimidating than it is.

To assemble it, you start by getting the base bin and sliding the foot pedal right in. It’ll click in place. Then, you can grab the hooks and snap them into the base bin by matching their colors. Red goes on red, and white goes on white.

You can then lift the cloth by the hooks, and you’ll see a seam going down each side. That’s where the rods go! Slide them to the base and connect them to the hook to hold it all in place, and your base is ready.

Follow the arrows to connect the lower bin and upper base with the bin base next, and then attach the lid. Here, you can also add the charcoal sachet for maximum odor control.

The scoop bin will easily slide onto the side, and you can place your scoop in it when not in use.

To install the bags, remove the lid and match the holes in the bag to the tabs on the lid area. It’ll all go together seamlessly. Just take off the bag and replace it when it reaches capacity, and no more litter can fit in there.


The Multi kitty TWIST’R® Cat can hold 17 lbs of litter per cat. It’ll be subjective on how long that will last you – depending on your cat’s health, diet, age, and number of litter box stations. The manufacturer says it will last for two weeks – for our household; it lasted just under a week because my cats were peeing more frequently (maybe early kidney issues) and they’re on a raw diet where they consume a lot more moisture.

As for dimensions, the pail measures almost 11.8 inches with a height of 19.6 inches.

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Best Benefits of the Multi kitty TWIST’R® Cat

The Multi kitty TWIST’R® Cat is designed to offer maximum convenience in cleaning litter. Just scoop up the waste, open the lid, and place it on the sealed red twisted bag, close the lid, press the foot pedal, and it instantly drops in and reseals the bag.

The best part? No kneeling, cutting, and tying, and you barely smell a thing.

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Since it has a large 17 lb litter capacity, it will hold more waste and hopefully reduce the frequency of replacing the bags.

You’re also not constantly needing to hold your nose or breath or worry about disposing of several bags of cat waste in your trash. So you can stay on top of the litter box cleaning.


  • Once assembled, it is extremely easy to use
  • The refill film bags are strong
  • The foot pedal means you don’t have to touch any part of the bin while in use.
  • Large capacity
  • Several layers of odor security and activated charcoal filter keep all the smells at bay.


  • Some people might find the assembly tricky.
  • You’ll have to buy refill bags after the two in the box run out.
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One of the plus sides of having a product that comes apart is that there’s usually a lower chance that things will go wrong. I’ve used this product for a while without noticing any significant issues.

The only one is that since I’m not super careful with how I scoop, I just toss it on there. A few straggler pieces of litter sometimes make it to the lid’s hinge and may keep it from fully closing. But all I had to do was clean that off with a brush, and the lid sat flush again.

It’s nice too that you can take off the lid to clean it separately rather than having to bring the entire unit to the sink, for example.

Unboxing Video

Product Review Video

Ease of Cleaning

Even though this product is made of plastic, the quality is top-notch. If you get any part dirty, you can easily wipe it clean. As for the inside, it never actually comes in contact with the litter, so can simply wipe that down or vacuum it out.

Jenny’s Personal Takeaway

I was more impressed with this than I thought it would be. When Tom with Red Rocket Pets asked me to review it, I was looking forward to it because I enjoyed the first two products he sent me.

But this one I liked much more – the foot pedal, being the twisting mechanism, allowed me to scoop their boxes even faster because I didn’t have to turn anything when I was done scooping. I could scoop, open the lid, and while I was closing the lid, I could press the foot pedal to get it down even faster than I did with the other two models I reviewed.

So, of the 3 cat litter disposal systems from Red Rocket Pets that I have reviewed, this one is by far my favorite.

Multi Kitty TwistR Step Litter Disposal System Product Review with other red rocket pet litter disposal systems
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The Multi kitty TWIST’R® Step Litter Disposal System retails for $69.99. Since it comes with two refill bags in the box, you’re good to go for a month, and after that, you can buy the bags for Multi Kitty TWIST’R® pack of ten for $14.99.

Where To Buy It

You can buy it from the manufacturer’s website:


The Multi kitty TWIST’R® Cat Litter Pail makes the unpleasantries of scooping the litter box and keeping the litter box area clean, all the more bearable. This is one of the products that will stay in our house after the review because it was such a nice experience, I want it to stay.

We received the Multi Kitty TWIST’R® for review from the manufacturer and also asked that they pay a small review fee. Receiving the free product and the review fee did not influence this honest post.

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