Cat Games For Girls and Boys

Cat Games For Girls and Boys

Cat Games for Girls Looking for some cat games for your child or a friend? Tech savvy kids will no doubt find online games and apps pretty easily, but sometimes a good old-fashioned board game or deck of cards can provide the perfect afternoon of entertainment or be a great way to get them off their smart phones. Check out some of these great pet games for kids, all available on Amazon:
  1. Rat-A-Tat-Cat. Great for sneaking in some math skills practice while kids are having fun. Exchange the high numbered “rat” cards for low numbered “cat” cards. The game is full of twists, and the player with the lowest score wins. Great for introducing timing, basic addition, and probability!
  2. Crazy Cats. A cat themed version of crazy-8’s that promotes color, shape and number recognition for young players. Try to discard all of your cards by matching them by color or number, and keep an eye out for “lucky” cards. This game set comes in a small tin—perfect for storing or taking on the go.
  3. Kitten Caboodle. Collect and match cards “go fish” style, but with cute kitty pictures. Match the cat to what it “wants” to collect a pair.
  4. Herding Cats. An exciting game for a wide range of ages, and a great way to practice logical thinking and strategizing skills. Collect all of the escaped cats with the “Cowdog” by matching colors and avoiding obstacles to be the first to get three cat “herds.”
  5. Pete the Cat: Based on a children’s book about Pete the Cat and his white shoes, this game lets fans of Pete act out his story, collecting shoes in all different colors. Great for younger kids who are fans of cat stories!
  6. Feed the Kitty. A quick and easy dice game for kids who like fast-paced activities. Roll the dice and move the mice to be the cat with the biggest meal!
  7. Fur-Ever Home: The Animal Rescue Game. Great for kids who love dog and cat games. Kids get a taste of business management, money skills and compassion for animals as they run their own animal rescue business. The goal is to find s home for as many pets as possible, strategizing about which pets to take in, what employees to hire, and how to raise funds along the way. Great for older kids with a passion for animal rescue!
  8. Cat Stax. Great for kids who like puzzles! Pick one of 48 challenge cards and try to stack all of the differently shaped cats on the card so that they completely cover it. Comes in a travel size box for easy storage and transport.
There are plenty of free cat games out there online or available for download as apps for kids who love cat stuff, but it is fun to mix it up with some board or card games every now and then! What kinds of cat games do the kids in your life like? Do they prefer board games, card games or online games? Tell us about your experiences with cat games for girls and boys!
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  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Wow! Awesome games! Thanks for this great post, Jenny! Now I just need to get me some grandchildren and some of these games to play with them!!! Going on my Wish List for One Day (when I actually have some kids to enjoy these games with)….

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. Awesome ideas, Jenny! Thank you for helping me with my Christmas shopping 🙂

    1. =) i hope board games are never a thing of the past!

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