August 2022 Giveaway: Sleepypod Safe Cat Traveler Package

This bundle of prizes from Sleepypod consists of a Sleepypod Air pet carrier, a Cloudpuff blanket and a Go Bag. Together they’re a great combination to keep your pet comfortable during any long travels, making sure you always have the essentials at hand as well.

Sleepypod Air Giveaway Floppycats

The Sleepypod Air is designed for pets weighing up to 18 pounds (8.2kg) and weighs only 4.3 pounds (1.9kg) itself, making it a lightweight but reliable carrier that will keep your pet comfortable.

The sides can be adjusted in size to fit various airline restrictions, with a durable rip-stop mesh that keeps it cool and breathable for your kitty but withstands their scratching. It also means that your cat has visibility from three sides, so they can feel secure in surveying everything going on around them.

It doubles up as a cat bed or napping spot with a lid that can be secured open, and it has a removable plush bed inside so that your cat will stay cozy throughout their journey.

It’s machine washable too, so keeping it fresh and clean for your pet is easy. When close, the bag measures between 8-10” (20-25cm) tall, 16-22” (40-55cm) wide and 10.5” (26cm) deep.

Sleepypod Cloudpuff

The Cloudpuff is a sumptuous blanket that maximizes your cat’s comfort and remains in great condition even through vigorous scratching bouts. It can be used anywhere around the home for an extra layer of coziness, or it works great as an extra addition to your Sleepypod Air so that your cat stays warm and snuggled up during a flight.

The blanket is double-sided, with a super-soft polyester shearling on one side and a microfiber suede backing on the other, and it is also machine washable for cleaning after any accidents or just to get rid of messy prints.

The Medium blanket included in this giveaway measures 18.5” (47cm) long by 14.5” (37cm) wide, although you can also pick up a Large version if you prefer that measures 30” (76cm) by 21” (53cm).

Sleepypod Go Bag

The Go Bag is the final part of this giveaway bundle, and it is the ideal travel bag to take with you when you’re on an adventure alongside your pet. Its tapered profile gives it a sturdy flat base to stand up on its own, but a narrow point that makes the whole bag more comfortable for cross-body carrying.

As well as the main pocket, it comes with two mini packing cubes and an insulated food pouch for pet snacks. At the same time, there are additional pockets for storing smaller items, including a convenient front pocket that’s a great size for a passport or flight ticket. The Go Bag measures 16” (40cm) by 14” (36cm) by 5” (13cm), although the width extends to 16” with the side pockets extended. It weighs just 1.2 pounds (0.5kg).

Combined, these three prizes will keep your cat comfortable on flights or long drives and ensure you have all your travel essentials for you and your pet close at hand.

Buy Sleepypod Products on Amazon.

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  1. Susan Marie says:

    I have to move around often for work. My two ragdoll boys Scooby & Bleu could really use all of this. I have wanted to try a Sleepypod since I first saw them on Floppycats

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    WOW! Super pawesome & fabulous giveaway, Jenny honey & Sleepypod Folks! TYSVM for the opportunity to win such a great prize package! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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