SCAREDY CUT Cat Clippers Grooming Kit

The SCAREDY CUT Silent Pet Grooming Kit is designed to make it easier to groom your dog or cat since it doesn’t use electric clippers that can intimidate your pet. Instead, it combines clipper combs with special scissors so you can trim your kitty’s fur calmly.

SCAREDY CUT Cat Clippers Grooming Kit Blue and Pink
SCAREDY CUT Cat Clippers in Blue or Pink

The kit comes with 16 items in total:

  • One pair of specially-adapted scissors
  • 7 different combs
  • 2 comb organizers
  • 4 finger inserts
  • A grooming guide
  • A storage bag

Some pets don’t like the sound or vibrations caused by clippers. A mechanical device such as a set of trimmers can cause anxiety. This means that grooming them can become quite a challenge. You don’t want a squirming animal when you’re using clippers because even with protective combs, you could accidentally hurt them. Plus, it just makes the job of grooming your cat or dog take so much longer.

SCAREDY CUT Cat Clippers Grooming Kit Pink

So, the SCAREDY CUT Silent Pet Grooming Kit could be ideal – you can trim your pet’s fur without any noise, which should help them relax more.

The combs work the same way as clipper combs – indeed, they are identical in style. There are 7 combs ranging from ½ inch to 1 inch, letting you get the desired length for your kitty’s fur. 

The scissors have one blade, which is extra-wide so that the combs clip into place and are held ready for you to start snipping. The other is a sharp blade for cutting, which will help you keep your cats and kittens looking their best.

And it’s effortless to keep the combs organized – you get two metal holders, each holding three combs. Leave one attached to the scissors, and you’ll never have any loose combs, so you won’t have to worry about losing them.

Because it’s a manual set, you don’t have to worry about battery life like cordless clippers. The scissors and accessories can be used at any time.

SCAREDY CUT Cat Clippers Grooming Kit Blue

The set also comes with four finger inserts for the scissors. As important as it is for your cat to be comfortable while giving them a trim, you also want to make sure you’re comfy too – that helps to reduce fatigue, letting you work without succumbing to aches.

Use the scissors loose without inserts, or add the two medium inserts for more grip. If that’s not enough, the snug inserts offer a soft grip and help you keep the scissors steady while you work.

The set includes a grooming guide that gives tips on using the scissors effectively to ensure you get an even, close cut on your cat’s fur without harming them. There’s also an attractive storage bag that holds everything together, so you don’t risk losing them.

The SCAREDY CUT Silent Pet Grooming Kit is available in two colors (blue and pink) and with either right- or left-handed scissors. A larger gift set is available to purchase, including a precision set of ‘Tiny Trim’ scissors for delicately trimming fir around the paws and in hard-to-reach places.

We did a review of it many years ago:

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  1. Kelly LaBrecque says:

    I like this kit and carrying case. I think my cat wouldn’t mind so much with the proper tools

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