🥳 🎉 Happy 14th Birthday, Trigg! 🥳 🎉

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy on blue north face puffy jacket

Once upon a time, I heard my mom say about one of her grandchildren, “he’s such a delightful child.”

And well, that’s how I feel about my Chiggy.  He is such a delightful cat.  He is easygoing, eats almost anything I serve him (and was very quick to switch to raw when I switched my cats to raw one year ago), he keeps to himself, and only taunts Charlie every now and again.

Trigg is my blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat, who I call, “Chiggy”, “Gauy”, “Tink Tink”, “You’re so Fancy!”, “Der he is!” (There he is!) and many more names.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy sitting on natural grocers reusable grocery bags

No birthday hat photos this year – much like I said in Charlie’s 14th birthday post a month ago – we have had a very hard summer with fleas.  Not Trigg, per se, but definitely Charlie and I.  Trigg has not attracted fleas to come and live on him like Charlie does – which means the raw diet we switched to a year ago is working it’s wonders for Trigg.  We still have a bit to go on Charlie.

Since Charlie has a head tremor from topical flea meds, we have had to address the flea situation naturally – which takes a lot longer to kill them.  I have vacuumed every day for over 6 to 7 weeks now…and we simply don’t need any more stress.  Even though the birthday hat photos are adorable, they do cause some stress and I just chose not to endure that, even for a few minutes this year for the sake of the blog.  So that’s why there are no birthday hat photos…I’m exhausted =).

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy curled up on the bed

Trigg has had a bit of a rough year – the yeast detox as well as a few suspected pancreas problems through our detoxing from all the crappy food I fed them, the overdose of medication they got, the topical flea meds they got, etc – it all added up over the years, so detoxing them after 13 years of that has been challenging.  And Trigg hasn’t always been perfect through that process.  There were many months where I didn’t “have” my Chiggy, and it made me super sad.  He was rarely feeling that chipper little kitty I know and love.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy very comfortable on blue puffy north face jacket

We also found out that Trigg has quite the food sensitivity to astaxanthin or red algae, and it took us weeks to uncover it.  Weeks.  I couldn’t get him to stop licking himself over and over again.  But once it was removed from his food, he stopped the licking and the obsession with his Da Bee.

In the last few weeks, I have finally seen a more consistent version of himself.  So I hope that’s here to stay, rather than wavering back and forth.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy laying at the top of the stairs on his side

Trigg is related to my Rags, the reason I founded Floppycats, and I often think of my Rags when Trigg purrs because there is a “popping” to his purr, like there was for Rags.  When Rags, Caymus and Murphy were alive, my sister and I would play a game.  One of us would close our eyes, and the other one would go get a purring cat, and we had to guess who it was based on the sound of their purr.  Rags was so easy because of the “popping,” and Trigg would be easy too if we were to play that game.

His meow is very identifiable, too, because it’s just like a mouse squeak, which, of course, adds to his insane cuteness.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WraNwh72b9o[/embedyt]

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy on north face puffy jacket

He is THE CUTEST cat I have ever lived with, and that’s saying a lot because I have been around many cats.  I tell him all the time how cute he is.  Daily.  He makes me smile daily with his quirkiness, cuteness, and antics.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy and seal mitted with a blaze charlie sitting together by the back door waiting to go outside
Trigg and Charlie waiting to go outside

We haven’t gone outside now for something like 7 weeks, but Trigg isn’t as crazy about going outside when it’s burning hot outside anyway.  So he hasn’t really minded.

Whenever my 2-year-old nephew sees Trigg on FaceTime, he always calls him, “Ash” – which is my sister’s blue mitted Ragdoll cat.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy profile at chiropractor vet

Trigg started going to the chiropractor this year – I had been going with Charlie, and Trigg had been limping after a big jump, so I took him in.  After experiencing Charlie for about 6 months, the chiropractor was very surprised to meet Trigg, a completely different personality and patient. 

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy with dr stella chiropractor

After meeting Trigg, she said she could tell that I really allow my cats to be who they are (she said many pet owners have pets that take on their personalities), but since my cats are so drastically different, she knew I completely let them be who they are.  It was a huge compliment, as I really do try to honor and respect who they are and let them be who they are.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy wearing cold laser goggles
chiggy wearing cold laser goggles

Trigg also gets acupuncture – Charlie would too, if Charlie would tolerate it, but he turns into Chuckie, so it’s a no-go for him.  But Chiggy doesn’t mind it too much and lets Dr. Sally put in the needles – he sometimes gets cold laser after his acupuncture and definitely after his chiropractor adjustment.  Dr. Stella (chiropractor) says that all the vet techs in the back ooh and aah over him.  As my sister says, he does such a good job with his make-up (the white eyeliner that naturally comes with his blue lynx mitted color pattern), how can you not ooh and ahh =).

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy wet nose after acupuncture
chiggy’s wet nose after acupuncture

The ice cream, cake frosting, cream of Oreos, and more that I allowed Trigg to have for years and years ended up being the reason that we have had to do multiple candida cleanses with Pam of Purrrfectly Holistic in the last year to heal his body from the inside.  I always know when he has a candida overgrowth because one ear ends up having a lot more ear wax.  And he will itch that one ear a whole bunch.  He has been a trooper through the detox process – allowing me to syringe, pill and clean his ears with paper towel dipped in apple cider vinegar and water.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy in car side profile

Chiggy’s favorite thing are cat wand toys.  He really got into Da Bee.  I discovered that when he was having a severe histamine reaction, he was more “needy” with needing Da Bee.  It’s amazing what you learn about your cats when you pay attention and mark it down.  And when you detox them!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhjopa36fK0[/embedyt]

Chiggy lives in his own world. I am rarely a part of that world, but I marvel at watching him it. I don’t know how to describe it, but he is the quirkiest cat coupled with the cutest cat I have ever met. He constantly does cute things. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t ask him, “Chiggy, why are you soooo cute?!”

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy sitting on stairs watching wand toy

I also tell him how fancy and beautiful he is. He does seem to be dainty (even though he could stand to lose a pound or two).  He is so terribly fancy and knows it – he’s one of those cats that arches his back and curls around corners of doors.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy outside making a classic chiggy squinting face

Chiggy will ALWAYS come and rub up on me or against me or over my face if I am at my computer IF HE IS HUNGRY.  That’s the only reason he does it.  Now, Charlie would just yell meow at me, but Chiggy becomes crazy affectionate.  Sometimes I wait to feed them just so I can get extra Chiggy love.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy reminding jenny dean its time to eat

He is the first cat that is a true snuggler that I have had.  ONLY ON HIS TERMS.  I never know when he is going to snuggle with me.  But it’s always if I am laying in bed and watching TV before I turn out the lights for the night.  He “flies” up on the bed in full Chiggy cuteness and full confidence (which isn’t something Trigg always exudes) and comes to snuggle with me. It’s pretty heavenly, unless I’ve forgotten to trim his claws.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy snuggling at night with jenny dean

I feel incredibly blessed to have had this lover nutter for 14 years.

A very happy 14th to my very beautiful Chiggy! I hope you have 14 more!

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Chiggy is just delicious … Happy 14th Birthday Chiggy ❤ Your beautiful article about Chiggy made me cry, Jenny, because he is just so beautiful, and you’re so heartfelt in your writing of him. Chiggy has always had a little piece of my heart … he is so adorable, and just to think of him makes me smile. Chiggy is a one in a million!!! I think I speak for all of us in the Floppycats community that we wish for more years of Chiggy, but of course more for you with you being his mum. May the year to come bring you joy, amazement and wonderment with your Trigg … your Chiggy ⚘

  2. Janice Christine Campbell says:

    Happy Birthday to the gorgeous Chiggy and lots more to come.

  3. I think floppy cats are so adorable. Our cats are mixed breed rescue cats.
    Some of the links for the giveaway don’t work. The snugglycat on twitter is a dead link, the floppycats on facebook says the page has been deactivated

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    Happy 14th Birthday, Chiggy-do! Sooooo FANCY!!! Sooooo HANDSOME! Soooooo PAWESOME & FABULOUS!! <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle <3 (who will be 11 in October!)

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