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Caspurr is a blue point bi-color ragdoll that I got as a retired adult from a breeder, Leisa Whitworth in Higginsville, Missouri. 

He is approximately 6 years old now, and I have had him for about two years.  Leisa has since left the business, but she was a wonderful breeder who was also my source for a blue mitted Ragdoll, Sonora,  that I lost to sudden death early this year. 

Some Ragdolls are subject to cardiomyopathy which can cause sudden death,  and I am sure that is what took my beloved Sonora. When I retired three years ago, and my wife bought me a beautiful morky puppy (maltese/yorkie). 

My morkie turned out to be too much maintenance and so I looked at adopting a Ragdoll cat as I love animals in general.  My sister was familiar with Ragdolls, and it was her idea that I look at getting a Ragdoll.   Caspurr is the most affectionate of the three ragdolls I now have. 

I have a female blue bi-color (Lady Erin) who is a retired show cat who thinks she is royalty, hence the name “Lady” Erin, and a female lynx seal point, Baby Doll that I adopted through Kitty Kat Connection as a rescue cat.  Each one is entirely different from the others, and each one has a special gift to give us.

Baby Doll (Seal Lynx Mitted)
Baby Doll (Seal Lynx Mitted)

Caspurr loves to jump up on the bed in the morning and enjoys being the center of attention all of the time.  He is an alpha male, and is very jealous of my giving any attention to either of my other babies. 

He comes running anytime he sees me petting or talking to the others.  He is a hoot!  So typically male! Like most Ragdolls, Caspurr follows me around the house. 

He likes to visit the office when I am on the computer, and the funniest example of this type of behavior is when he insists on opening the bathroom door when I am in

Lady Erin
Lady Erin

there.  If I shut the door, he will bang on it until I open up.   He just doesn’t want me to be alone or without him!

Caspurr and Lady Erin are  so similar in appearance that most people cannot tell them apart.  I can see the differences easily, but I am with them all of the time.  Caspurr’s official name is Rockabyerags Captured My Heart, which I shortened to Caspurr because he has such a loud purr.

However, he has truly Captured My Heart—which any Ragdoll will do to you  in time.  They are wonderful animals to enjoy every day and they enrich your life in ways you can scarcely imagine.

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