Casper – Ragdoll of the Week

Casper, a Seal Lynx Mitted Ragdoll

My wife and I, we had been talking about getting a ragdoll kitten for a couple of years and about a year ago we decided to finally go for it. After a quick search on the Internet, we found a lovely Ragdoll Cattery Queenswood in Soest, The Netherlands, which still had some kitties available. Our eye fell on a sweet and tiny lynx.

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So we like you to meet our Casper, a male seal lynx mitted ragdoll, born in a litter of six kittens, on the 29th of July 2016. Casper’s mum Quattro is a seal tabby point lynx mitted ragdoll and his dad Django is a seal bicolor.

After our initial visit to the cattery, the owner Jolanda, kept us regularly informed about Casper and his litter. We enjoyed seeing those pictures of the kittens growing up very much. We are really satisfied of the service, communication and care of this cattery.

During our first and second visit to the cattery, I experienced how hard it was to tell Casper apart from his brothers and sisters. They were all so fluffy and cute. On our way home, I realized how little I knew about cats in general and ragdolls in particular. So in order to be prepared and well informed about this lovely cat breed (and our new family member), some reading and research was necessary. That is how we found the website!

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Casper is just over one year old now and we love him very much. He has become a real family member.

Because I am very much into photography, it was clear to me that I would document his life, as a kitten and later while growing up. I have been taking photographs and making short videos every day from the very first day he was with us. We realize how precious these memories are. All these pictures and videos resulted in being active on the most popular social media. Our favourite pictures are posted on Instagram  and Facebook. The videos are uploaded to Casper’s YouTube. And as a central hub we have created even a website of Casper: . Yes, I know, we have been busy, but Casper is so inspiring to us and we love to share all these great moments with our friends, family and with all cat-loving people. Most of Casper’s adventures are well documented on our social media, so take a look if you like! We love to welcome you all as new fans.

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What Casper loves? Casper is crazy about fresh steamed chicken fillet, he loves to go on adventure with me, making bike rides in a bicycle basket and walking on the leash, jumping in high grass chasing bugs.

Casper - Ragdoll of the Week picture-4

When Casper was still a kitten I also started clicker training to teach him different handy things such as sit, sit on stool (and wait!) – which comes in handy while preparing his food – high five, wearing a harness and so on. I made a very fun video to watch too about teaching him how to do a high five.
Casper - Ragdoll of the Week picture-5

So what else does he love? Because Casper is mainly an indoor cat, we wanted to create a safe cat area on our balcony. We used a plastic mesh to make an enclosure and I created an outlook platform for Casper to relax on and watch what is happening in the neighborhood. He sits on this outlook platform every day! He simply adores it and we are very happy to see him spot birds and flies and to see how he relaxes and enjoys himself while being out there.

Casper - Ragdoll of the Week picture-6

Casper - Ragdoll of the Week picture-7

Is Casper a good sleeper? Oh yes, Casper is a champion in cat naps, especially during the day  When Casper was a kitty, we wanted him to get used to sleep downstairs in our living room. We bought him a nice sleeping cushion, a sleeping bed and a cat tree with a soft sleeping platform on top. You could say he had plenty of sleeping possibilities. Nevertheless he started meowing when we went up to bed and also early in the morning, so we made a deal with him… now we have his sleeping bed in our bedroom and the doors stay open.

Casper - Ragdoll of the Week picture-8

Sleeping routine is as follows: usually he wanders around in the house when we go to bed, he finds a spot to rest on the cool floor or on the staircase, and in the morning we always find him completely relaxed, with his paws up in his cat bed in our bedroom. It has become one of the very first things we look at when waking up: Casper completely relaxed and happy.

We think that is a great way to start the day!
Thank you,
Kurt & Peggy,
Humans of Casper

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Teresa Reid says:

    Oh MY goodness! Casper is so adorable! He looks very much like our Illaria Rose, who also a seal lynx whose Mom takes photos of her too on a daily basis! Can’t see his website and other social media places. So sweet of you to fix him a nice place so he can enjoy the outdoors and even take bike rides with you! Thank you for sharing your sweet boy with us and wishing you a very long and happy life together.

    1. Kurt Bogaert says:

      Thank You Teresa! I can see that casper and your kitty have lots in common. Thank you for your nice comments and hope to see you on our different media soon. Thx Kurt

  2. Casper is a gorgeous boy, and your photos of him are superb! I am now following you on Instagram and my Loki says to tell Casper “meow!”

    1. Kurt Bogaert says:

      Hello Wendy,
      Thank your for your nice reaction and for being a true fan on IG too 🙂 Casper mews to Loki too 🙂

  3. ABarletta says:

    Casper had me at “meow”. What a beautiful animal! I went on his facebook page, instagram, and his you tube page. Just can’t get enough of this fellow. He is truly exquisite. Maybe he could use a playmate? Hmmmm. Just a thought. Although, he does get plenty of attention from his humans. Thanks for sharing this little guy. He is adorable.

    1. Kurt Bogaert says:

      Thank you for your kind reaction! Casper and his humans to read these great comments:)

  4. Awesome story, Kurt! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for sharing you and your wife’s love story with Casper with this wonderful story and on FB, Instagram, YouTube and your super pawesome website!! I am a fan! (I don’t do Instagram but am following you everywhere else.) Casper is SOOOO VERY GORGEOUS & CHARMING! I am smitten. 🙂 <3

    So very happy for you and your wife for finding The Perfect First Ragdoll! I lurve that he adores to go on bike rides and has his awesome catio area to watch nature and chill out. And the adorable routine at bedtime and rising just makes my heart smile!!! 🙂 <3

    The pics, as usual, are simply stunning! He is truly a magnficient, very handsome fellow. His blue eyes are just mesmerizing! 🙂 <3

    Wishing you, your wife and Casper a very long lifetime filled with continued love, good health, joy and purry adventures!

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. Kurt Bogaert says:

      Hi Patti,
      Thank you for your loving comments! So fantastic to see you like Casper that much. Thanks again:)

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