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Look at my gorgeous girl!

Hello, I’m Ragdoll Mommy; from my blog, Life With Ragdolls.

I have a beautiful Ragdoll cat named Anya. She is a Blue Mitted. She is 5 years old. She is incredibly BEAUTIFUL!! She loves to play. She dislikes a lot of people around, due to the fact that she is a little shy, I think the reason why Anya is shy is because, actually I really don’t know why she is shy. But it is NOT from abuse or anything! Maybe she was just born like that. No telling.  Anya loves catnip! It also makes her go pretty darn crazy! Lol:d

She is sadly declawed. I did not do it; I do not believe in declawing! She is spayed as well. I got Anya and her brother Nico, on July first, Sunday, 2012. They were also only 3 years old, almost 4 years old.  Anya is “eye candy, meaning someone or something that is pretty or handsome. Better yet she is MY eye candy!  Anyway…… I have ALWAYS loved Ragdolls!

Anya doing her
Anya doing her

Anya is my very first (And only) female Ragdoll. I have had three Ragdolls in my life time. And I just love the breed! I am actually very interested in breeding Ragdolls. I have never been a breeder. But I sure do know lots and lots and lots on Ragdolls!

Anya and her brother Nico were born in Georgia. In August 14th,Thursday, 2008. Both of my Ragdolls are registered with the TICA, both are 100% real Ragdolls. I have both of their papers for proof of registration and breeding rights; both of their parents are 100% real Ragdolls, both are registered with the TICA. Their parents are retired breeders now. They are both living in a clean and loving home.

One of Anya’s favorite things to do is lay down on her back and sleep the day away! As pictured below in the typical Ragdoll  Pose!

As I mentioned above, Anya is a Blue Mitted Ragdoll, but like almost all Mitted Ragdolls,they have (or should) have coloring on the back of their ankle. (On their hind legs,only!). But Anya only has one colored spot on her ankle, when she is supposed to have coloring on both of her ankles, but that doesn’t mean I do not love or care for her any less than Nico or my mixed-breed cats!

Anya is the Princess and she obviously knows it! LOL!

Anya loves to sleep with me. And guess what???

She and Nico are leash trained!!!! Both of them know how to walk on a leash like a dog.

Anya is being feed Purina cat chow complete for adult cats. (So is Nico). I know that’s not the healthiest thing out there,but it is the only food that doesn’t make them sick. And both of them have been

Anya with her toy.
Anya with her toy.

eating that their whole life, so I have been keeping them on that.

Anya’s favorite cat treats are: Purina crunchy lovers cat treats! She will do literally ANYTHING for them! She will sit for them or do a trick for them! Anya knows how to sit and stay, and if you say “floppy cat or be a floppy cat”, she will roll over for you! She also knows how to come when she’s called and she also knows how to jump through a hoop! She is a very smart girl!

Oh and did I mention that she knows how to open doors???

It’s true she does!

Anya’s favorite toy is her ladybug. That she has kinda torn up…..LOL!

Anya has also de-stuffed a toy before!

Anya also likes to wake me up at 5.00 in the morning! 🙁 It’s very annoying! But afterwards, she purrs and purrs,while I pet her and ask why she woke me up. Lol

Anya is the most beautiful female Ragdoll in the world! I swear it!
Anya and Nico also have a kitty condo. She loves to sleep up on the top loft, because she is pretty shy and she feels safe up there.

I absolutely love and adore both of my babies!

Her eyes are "to-die-for!"
Her eyes are “to-die-for!”

Anya’s favorite place to hide is usually under the love seat or under the couch. Anya also has six  cat collars, one is her baby collar. She loves to snuggle with me. She loves to be held too. But usually only by me. She doesn’t really like men, she has pretty much always picked women over men. Anya has one leash,and two harness. She also has one to id tag. It’s blue kind with shapes on it. She loves to drink water with ice lol!

She doesn’t like dogs (they scare her), she also doesn’t like small children, or other cats, except Nico. She loves to be brushed and petted and hugged.

Anya is such an angel………Except sometimes she can be a little Princess diva! LOL!
Anya has pink paw pads on her back paws,but she has a mixture of pink and blue paw pads on her front paws! It’s adorable!

Anya also has one black claw on her back paw! I mean it isn’t whole black, but it sure does have black in it, and it’s not dirt. She gets a monthly bath, and so does Nico.

Anya loves wet food, but I don’t give it to her often, because it makes her sick.

I  hope everyone loved Anya and her story!

Ragdoll Mommy

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. I am sorry to hear about William’s sister…. (And William…(((HUGS))

    Anya is a very shy girl, she wasn’t abused or anything, not be me or her former owner or her breeder.

    One time someone actually asked me WHY I kept Anya (Because she is so shy), I (That person was over-the-internet), I told them that I love Anya for WHO she is, and not HOW she acts! I really love Anya!

    I wouldn’t sell her for ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

    Anya’s former owner always told me that Anya has always been a shy but sweet girl. I agree.

    Ragdoll Mommy~

  2. Dementia Boy says:

    One word: Gimme.

    Two words: Gimme, please?

    Like I need another diva. But why do they have to be so darn beautiful and cute? By “cute,” I mean the upside down stuff.

    Folks have tried to convince me for 16 and 18 years, respectively, that Izzy and Jolie were abused. No. They were just born that way. Izzy is terrified of humans but will risk her life to protect another cat. Jolie has spent her life perfecting the Elvis smirk and concocting diabolical plans to make everyone else’s life miserable. (She has had both a MRI and a PET scan, which show significant damage.) Jolie’s sister, on the other hand, would greet everyone at the door, a la Charlie, hoping for treats. No rotisserie chicken (white meat only, please), well, to &^#@ with you.

    Cat behavior is a perplexing thing. William’s breeder told me decades ago that she put down William’s sister, a tortie point, because she acted as though she had been abused, lashing out, hissing, hiding. There was nothing in the parents’ or grandparents’ history to suggest emotional issues.

  3. Hi, Ragdoll Mommy!

    Thank you so very much for sharing Anya’s story with us. Anya and Nico are very lucky kitties, indeed, to have such a loving mommy and home!

    Anya is truly VERY BEAUTIFUL! Those eyes! Those eyes! Those beautiful blue Raggie eyes get me every time!

    Lurved the pictures of your gorgeous baby girl! She is so adorable in each picture. Such a sweet, loving face! She sounds like such a character, too! I know a Raggie Princess Diva when I see one (as I have one, too!). lol 🙂

    Perhaps Nico could be a future Ragdoll of the Week!

    Big hugs from one Ragdoll Mommy to another! 🙂

    1. THANK YOU, PATTI!!!

      Yeppers, Anya is the Princess and she knows it!

      Nico is my cuddler day&nite:-)

      Kisses,Ragdoll Mommy~

          1. We sure do! Her name is Pink Sugar and she just turned 1 year old on October 7th. We picked her up from the breeder on January 24th of this year.

            She is our first Ragdoll and we’ll never own any other breed again. Best. Breed. Ever. She is a Blue Lynx BiColor. 🙂

            We were the lucky winners of Jenny’s May 2013 Giveaway. So you can see pictures of her there and a video of her (when she was about 7 months old) on Jenny’s YouTube Channel for Floppycats. Just search for “Pink Sugar May 2013 Floppycats Giveaway” and you should be able to see the video.

            Pink Sugar is a D-I-V-A for sure! lol 🙂

            She keeps us in line and gives us lots of love!

            Very warmest regards to you and your babies!

            Patti (& Pink Sugar) 🙂 <3

          2. Aw! She sounds like a great girl!

            My first Ragdoll was Tadpole, he was a Sealpoint. Best cat ever!

            Now I have Nico, my Blue Bicolor male Ragdoll, and of course I have Anya, my Blue Mitted. So I have owned/own 3 Ragdolls:-)

            Absolutely obsessed with this breed! In fact Ragdolls are the only cat breed I have ever owned!

            Anya is also a Diva lol!

            You haven’t given Pink Sugar a Feline leukemia shot have you???

          3. No, we haven’t given Pink Sugar a feline leukemia shot — our breeder’s guidelines advised against it.

            You are very lucky to have had three lovely Raggies in your life. I just think all of the color combinations within the Ragdoll breed are so beautiful.

            I think if we were to get another one (I’m sure Pink Sugar would lurve a Raggie companion), I’d want to get a Tortie, Flame, or Seal Point with a blaze.

            But, another Raggie isn’t in our budget right now. But, we are extremely happy with our Sugar girl and she seems very content and happy with us!

            Big hugs! 🙂

          4. I am glad you haven’t given this lovely girl a Feline Leukemia shot!

            I have no idea if Tadpole was given one. Anya has never had one. Nico had one even though I TOLD his vet over and over and over again that I didn’t want him to have one!!! But she just went ahead and gave him one:-(

            I will never let Anya have one!

            Nico&Anya’s breeder have also said I shouldn’t give them one.

            I would love to see this beautiful girl of yours!

            Can you please email me a picture or two?

            My address is nico&

            I look forward to your reply!

          5. That’s just awful about the vet not listening to you regarding that shot. Just shameful! I’m glad Nico is okay, though. Thank goodness! 🙂

            I’d be happy to e-mail you some pix I have of Pink Sugar! If you are on FB, let me know your facebook name and I’ll send you a friend request. That way, you can see my Pink Sugar photo album! We love to brag about our Raggies, eh?

            Off to e-mail you a few pix right now. 🙂

            Big hugs! 🙂

          6. I just joined and subscribed to your blog page! I left you a comment, too!

            I couldn’t get the nico& e-mail address to work. I got a return e-mail saying the address was invalid.

            Please read my comment on your blog homepage and send me an e-mail if you want and then I’ll reply with some pics. 🙂

            Going to go back and finish browsing through your blogpage! 🙂 <3

          7. Sorry I accidentally gave you the wrong address, I found out that I needed to Capitalize the “N” in Nico.

            Thanks so much for coming by!

          8. No worries. 🙂

            My pleasure to follow your blog, too!

            Nice to meet another Florida gal! 🙂 <3

          9. Thanks!

            Oh and Nico is gonna be Ragdoll Of The week, I am sure!

  4. Anya is well-named (Eye Candy) 🙂 She is so lovely and wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing her story and her picture with us 🙂

  5. Beautiful kitty! My first Ragdoll, a blue point, hates to be held, HATES the brush,is not floppy, is obsessed with the ‘outdoors’ even though he’s an indoor cat, and has many un-ragdoll like characteristics. They are very individual….
    Anya is who she is, and you love her for that individuality♥

    1. Was he abused? That can have a lot to do with personality!

      Or he could have not be around a lot of people as a kitten? Like I said…. That can have a lot to do with personality!

      Or maybe he just has his own personality as everyone/everything else. He sounds like a sweet boy!

      My Blue Bicolor male Ragdoll loves the outdoors… But like Anya he is a indoor cat only. But both of them are leashed trained!!!

      Ragdolls are so smart!!!


  6. So pretty- I love the picture of her hanging upside down in her cat tree. Looks like she’s full of life and has a great personality, as well as being beautiful! Thanks for sharing her with us!

  7. yes she is VERY beautiful!! thank you for sharing her story!!

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