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There is NO Love Like the Love of A Ragdoll!

When I found out my nine year old carmel calico cat Ashes had bone cancer and was only going to make it six months, I began my journey of giving her the best six months of her life. I spoiled her, let her eat as much as she wanted, take complete control of the house without getting yelled at, cause as much trouble as she wanted, and spent hours holding her daily, cuddling and loving her.  As she disintegrated slowly my heart slowly began to break.  It was the worst feeling in the world. I promised Ashes who was the first cat I had ever owned that not only would my heart never forget her, and all the love. memories and support she had given me as my best friend for nine years, but that when she did go to heaven I would make sure that the next cat I brought home had just as wonderful of a life as she did. When she licked my nose I knew she understood. I also knew that she would never want me to be lonely and alone, and wanted me to have a new best friend and to love again.  During our final good-bye I reassured Ashes I would see her in heaven and would send her a sister to play with her someday.

AshaThe journey to finding a new love was a hard one. I began researching different breeds.  When I read about the personality of a Ragdoll and saw pictures, I fell in love! I searched for breeders in Illinois and found Ballerina Ragdolls.  I called Cathy who was the breeder and not only was she sympathetic about the loss of my cat, but sat and discussed Ragdolls with me for an hour. I knew after getting off the phone with her that there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted a Ragdoll. She had a litter of colorpoints that was just born a week earlier and told me to come see them.  So I went to see these two week old Ragdoll kitties and wouldn’t you know it….the one biggest female kitty fell in love with me! She nestled in my arms in the same spot Ashes did, looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes, licked me on the nose and fell fast asleep! I was in love! So that is where my journey with my new little love started!

So on December 6, 2012 Asha Tao Auerbach was born from a little of 7. I went to see her every two weeks and watched her grow.  We bonded as the weeks went on and I took pictures of her progress for her online baby book. At week 8 I decided she needed a name. I took the first three letters of Ashes and the T from Ashe’s middle name (Trouble) and created Asha Tao, Ashaboxwhich means forever happiness. Cathy was a fantastic breeder who let me visit my new baby for as long as I wanted, as often as I wanted.  If I was lonely or having an emotionally rough day I would stop over to see my new baby. She answered all my questions and as the weeks went on we created a friendship. From day one her love of Ragdolls and knowledge has impressed me.  Asha and I still email her every few weeks with updates and pictures.  On February 15, 2013 I picked Asha up to bring her to her forever home.

Asha settled right into her new playground and is the best kitten a girl could ask for.  She purrs and loves me all day and fills my heart with all the joy and happiness I so needed after the loss of Ashes. I can’t get enough of her and dash home from work each day to play and cuddle.  It is hard to believe she is 14 weeks old already! Her favorite thing to do is to climb in the dishwasher and fridge when I am not looking.  She loves to chase anything that moves and greets me at the door each time I come home.  Her favorite toys are her Petstages Scratch, Snuggle and Rest Bed and her toy mice.  Asha follows me where ever I go and comes when her name is called.  She is my best friend, the love of my life and through watching her play she has taught me that there is nothing in the world I can’t accomplish or pursue.  If one method doesn’t work, keep trying..there is always a way! (like to get up to the top of the cat tree, on the chair, or the bathroom sink!) So each day that I get out of bed I look at my beautiful baby Ragdoll kitten and I start my day the way everyone should..with love in my heart, a positive mindset and a kiss on the nose!




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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Asha is very cute, and I’m SO happy with the love she gives you. Raggies are so sweet, everyone deserves them!


  2. Asha is beautiful and it sounds like she is a wonderful companion for you after losing Ashes. Heartwarming story!

  3. Hugs and purrs to you and your angel kitty Asha… I know your kitty angel Ashes is watching over you both with love 🙂

  4. Beautiful Kitty, and story. I too, got a ragdoll from Ballerina Ragdolls. My little Chili is the best. So sweet,adorable, and playful. I’m so happy he’s mine. Can’t thank Cathy enough!!!! I know you’ll love Asha as much as I love my little Chilibean!!!

  5. I think this is just a beautiful story, it really made me feel good inside. In 2 days I will be picking up my baby girl, Junipurr, and I can only hope that she is as fantastic as Asha is. You were so lucky to be loved by Ashes and then to find Asha, well, God has a way of making things work out. After reading this story, I checked into one of the Petstages bed and ordered it for her. I think that all of us are so lucky to have found this breed of cat and to all be loved by at least one of them if not more.

  6. What a beautiful story! So heartbreaking to lose Ashes but so wonderful that you now have Asha. She is gorgeous and looks like a perfect Ragdoll kitten! Cathy sure does have the most adorable kittens- my spectacular three y.o. blue bicolor, Valentino came from Ballerina Ragdolls too. Have a wonderful time with your new little angel!

  7. So sorry for your loss of Ashes. Know she is up in heaven looking down kindly on you for taking such good care of her. Asha is gorgeous!!!! She is just a little angel. So funny that the Petstages is her favorite bed too because both of my Ragdolls still love that bed and fight over it. Grace is almost 2 and Illaria will be 1 this month! I even contacted Petstages and begged them to please make a bigger one, but so far haven’t heard anything. Maybe by the time that Asha gets bigger, they will come out with a bigger one as the Raggies get pretty big and fluffy! So glad you have her to love. She is just adorable!

  8. I understand the affection of a Ragdoll. My second, Coco Puff, succumbed to FIP, a horrible disease. I was heartbroken. After a few months I started looking at Ragdoll Rescue sites and found my new sweetie, Kobe. He seems to think I am his natural mother and follows me around the house, sleeps with me and cries when I leave the house. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and is so affectionate. I can’t get him to sit on my lap, but he sleeps with me/us at night and even noses under the covers. He loves to have his tummy scratched, so that’s what we do when he flips over on his back at the sound of his name. He loves our attention and wants to play when it’s (our) time to go to bed! We love him dearly and he has wrapped himself around our hearts. From now on, if we ever get another cat, it will be a Ragdoll–there is nothing like them.

  9. Such a beauty! My heart was also healed by a Ragdoll after losing my 20 year old Calico, Chloe. So glad you found each other. Will look forward to seeing Asha grow up in future posts!

  10. Asha is a gorgeous, darling little girl… and the bond she had from day one–not only with you, but with her now-at-the-Bridge sister, Ashes–is the very embodiment of love… and of Ragdoll “purrfection”. What a wonderful life the two of you will have together! 🙂

  11. Janet Knowlton says:

    OMG she is precious. I wish all owners were as great as you! I am getting a kitten (boy blue bicolor) mid-August and can hardly stand the wait. I hope mine is as affectionate as yours. She is just adorable.

  12. Beautiful story and I love the kiss on the nose!

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