Abby – Ragdoll of the Week

Abby - Ragdoll of the WeekAbby Passed away 1.5 months ago, I still hurt and mourn her and don’t think that the pain will ever leave me. She was pure love to me and I will always miss her.

She was only 2 years old but her life with us has been full of experiences and love. She was sick with a kidney problem that was there from her birth.

The first time I saw her, it was also the first time I ever saw a Ragdoll; of the two kittens, she was the one that climbed on my shoulder and sniffed me, she was curious and very confident.

It was love from the first moment, she chose me and she chose to come home with me e never gave us the impression that she had changed her mind.

Abby - Ragdoll of the WeekI spent lots of time with her because I work at home, we played, we rest, groomed and I always had some time to teach her things that I thought would be useful for her.

We are a family that travels a lot, so I taught her to go in her carrier when I called her, to wear a harness with a security belt in the car and to use her litter box everywhere without any problem, to drink at command and lots of other things that I could teach her only because she wanted to and she was so clever.

I never thought for a moment that I was taking care of her, because she took control of the family from the moment she arrived; she slept with my daughter (She has always had a sleeping problem) she played with My son every afternoon when he came back from school and would move in his room for a few days every time I scolded him and he cried… But most of all, she cured me, she took away all the anger, the loneliness and made me a happier and more mature person.

I always thought that God sent His angels when we most needed them, so for me, she  was my little angel.

Abby - Ragdoll of the WeekAbby was My daughter’s dream, and was meant to be a Christmas present, but as much as we took care of her, we will never pair what she has thought to us, about patience and love.

This is what my daughter wrote after she died:


She was the most clever and confident of the litter, she chose us and loved us from the first moment.

I wanted a Ragdoll cat since I was 3 or 4 years old and that Christmas was the best.

She healed all our pains and sorrows, so when she left us everything fell apart.

I’m sorry that I didn’t spend enough time with her, and that I let my mom take care of her all the time.

IMG_0155I feel like it is all my fault that everybody is suffering know.

I miss her so much that it hurts all over and I know that she was so special that I will never forget about her and will always hurt when I remember all the time that we spent together.

Now my job is to take care of my mom when she is sad and cries.

I will always love my Miss Abigail. 

When I first read this, I felt so sorry, I didn’t think that my little girl would feel so guilty.

Our family has gotten closer and we all help each others to go by and continue our life,

It isn’t easy, but we will manage.

IMG_0364 IMG_0326

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Dear All,
    thank you so much for the conforting words and the kindness.
    I would like to say that you are all very special and that Jenny has done a wonderful thing for all of us.
    Love and hugs to you and your furry babies

  2. Janet Knowlton says:

    Oh my this is such a beautiful but sad story. I am crying here! What an absolutely beautiful cat! The hardest part of owning animals is when they leave us. Your little one gone way too early but she knew she was cherished and vice versa. Thank god she had a wonderful family like yours. All the best to you.

  3. Thank you for sharing your sad story of Abigail with all of us. Have lost so many kitties over the years and each one is a special hurt all unique in it’s own way because each one of them was so unique and special just like your Abigail. Hope that each new day will bring hope and healing to you and your family. Abigail’s photos express how happy she was with you and know from what you tell us, that you were the purrfect kitty mom. Please find peace in knowing that there was nothing any of you could have done differently to save your sweet Abigail. Sometimes really sad things happen. Know that Abigail is now up in Heaven playing and happy. One day you will see her again and she will come running to you and leap up in your arms. Until then, she would be happy knowing you and your family will be OK. Hope that one day, you can find another sweet kitty to love and share so many good times with because there are thousands of poor kitties out there with no homes and no love. Wishing you the very best and hoping that your family’s heart heals with love and peace. ♥

  4. Dementia Boy says:

    When my beloved Muse died, Linda from the CRF group sent the following quote from Edna St. Vincent Millay to me:

    “Where you used to be there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the day and falling into at night. I miss you like hell.”

    I have it under glass on a bookshelf. I look at it almost daily. It helps. It gives words to the pain, the moans that will not voice themselves. If any words can help, I hope those will help you as much as they’ve helped me. Blessings to your Abby and family.

  5. Cynthia R. says:

    Thank you so much for sharing such a touching story of pure love! I am so sorry for your loss and it will continue to hurt for some time. After awhile, you will notice that your tears of pain and loss will turn to ones of pure admiration for the love that she brought to each of you. She would be sad to see you all hurting and so carry her memory on. Love each day for her and each other. I sure hope you find yourselves able to open your hearts and home once again to such a beautiful animal when the pain of such loss has begun to heal. I waited four years after losing my Tabby Tigger to cancer. I was afraid I would be “replacing” her by getting another cat. I finally realized that by not getting another cat, I was delaying my final stages of healing. So two months ago, I brought home my first Ragdoll and named her Tait (meaning cheerful). She is so special to me in every way as she has three legs and has taught me already how life is only what you make of it. May God bless you and your family through difficult time and may a cat find you to love and bring some much needed happiness back into your home!

  6. thank you for sharing your story. abby was a beautiful cat. it’s funny how they choose you huh? I lost 2 cats in 2 years not too long ago and the last one I thought I would die from the pain I felt. I have had many cats, had a cat or more than 2 all of my life. I think they are angels. and I think they come to teach us things and then they leave. think about all that she taught your children and what she taught you about them. the pain will go away but it takes time. and that pain will be replaced with the wonder of that wonderful cat, with the lessons that she shared with you and with a knowing that you will see her again someday. I know in ever fiber of my being that I will see all of my cats again. after my last cat passed I told myself no more.. that I couldn’t stand losing another one. two days after I had a gorgeous black and white boy at my door with the softest meow that felt like a sack of potatoes when I picked him up and he snuggled into my neck and purred like mad. he had been left behind and how could I say no. he winked at me with his bright, clear green eyes and told me “it will be okay, I will take care of you”. within a month two more showed up. I thought later that they all knew.. for one, that I was a cat lover and that I needed a lot of cat because of the pain that I felt at the loss of my “mr chip”. get another cat, there are so many that are homeless and need someone to love and bring joy to. we can never have too many angels in our lives. bless you.

  7. My heart goes out to you and your family! I hope someday soon you will all open your hearts to another wonderful pet who needs you. She or he may be nothing like your angel Abby but will still bring you love and joy.

  8. Im soooo sorry,I actually feel your pain about loosing Abby. .I also feel guilt cause I work alot.I have two dolls now,and theirs always someone with them,but they chose me as mom.Bless you cause you certainly gave that sweet girl a wonderful home and life while she was here.I dont know if you can get a new doll but they usually are healthy and can live many years like Jennys,Rags.The reason this website is here for us.But you know its true they are Angels that have been sent to us,nothing but pure love and innocense.I have that same feeling.Abby was. special.I wont forget her or her pretty pictures you posted.Bye Lisa ,Murphy and Ceasar

  9. Coinneach says:

    I’ve lost kittehs old and young, and it’s incredibly painful either way. But to lose an angel like Abby really makes one question whether there’s any justice in this ‘verse.

    *purrs and headbutts from Dr Charlotte von Floofenheimer, Fuzzical Therapist*

  10. I am so very very sorry about your baby:-(

    I understand so very well about the horrible pain of losing a pet.

    I lost my very well loved male Sealpoint Ragdoll in 2005, to feline leukemia. There is not one day I do not think about him. His name was Tadpole. I miss my baby boy so very very very very much!

    I now have two new Ragdolls, one male and one female. The male is named Nico, he is a Blue Bicolor. Him and the female are litter mates. Both are 5 years old. The female is named Anya. She is a Blue Mitted.

    Here’s some much needed (((((((HUGS)))))))))

    My blog address:

    Hugs,Ragdoll Mommy~

  11. Punkin's mom says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. It brought tears to my eyes to hear you lost such an amazing companion, but I am glad to know she deeply touched your lives in the short time you knew her, that in itself is a blessing. The pictures you chose really show the love your family had for this kitty and how much she meant to you. I hope your daughter will come to realize that it wasn’t her fault, just part of the bigger picture and these things do happen. I remember feeling like that when I was a child and my first cat passed on. I spent weeks feeling like if I had just taken a little better care of him God wouldn’t have wanted to take him away. Then I realized how much I learned from that little kitty and I used that knowledge to not only find a new companion, but also help others realize the joys of owning a cat(or a cat owning you). I am sorry for you loss and I hope some day your family will find another fury angel to guide you. Rest in peace Abigail.
    =^.^= ~Punkin and her mom

    1. Dear Punkin and her mom,
      thank you so much for the conforting words.
      the good thing about this community is the feeling that we all understand each others and I feel that this is a part of the healing process.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your love story with Miss Abigail! It brought tears to my eyes to read of her special connection with you and your family. You were truly blessed to have her in your life. I don’t know why little angels like Abby have to be taken so early in their lives. I’m so sorry she had a kidney problem and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge so early in her life.

    Please accept my condolences on the loss of such a special part of your family. BIG HUGS to all of you!

    Those pictures just warmed my heart (especially that last one where she is peeping over the computer). That look on her face just tugged at my heartstrings and made me smile. RIP Miss Abby. <3

    Warmest regards,

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

    1. Dear Patti,
      thank you so much for your sweet words.
      we all send you a thank you hug
      Cristina, Abby’s mom

      1. Oh, Cristina, you are most welcome. I know how hard it is to losed a beloved pet.

        NOTE: We lost our most beloved cat (Sweet Sora) last December after 7 years of bliss with her. She wasn’t a Ragdoll but she was just such an angelic presence in our life. It broke my heart into a million pieces as I held her when she drew her last breath. I can’t even type this without tearing up. Losing her was just awful for our family. I couldn’t even imagine getting another kitty in our lives. Then my sweet hubby found out about Ragdolls and found a breeder in our local area who had some kittens ready to be adopted in late January. He insisted we get one and it has made all the difference for us. Our new baby girl just turned one and she is a constant joy. I feel that Sweet Sora would have loved Pink Sugar (our Raggie girl), as she was such a Mommy Cat who loved to watch over everyone and everything in our home. Pink Sugar is showing the same traits and she reigns supreme as a Little Princess Clown in our small apartment.

        BIG HUGS & BLESSINGS to you and your family! I will keep all of you in my daily prayers for added strength and guidance to work through your grief.

        Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

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