Willetteragdol Ragdoll Breeder in Massachusetts

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Willetteragdol Ragdoll Breeder in Massachusetts

Willetteragdol Ragdoll Breeder in Massachusetts Senior Queen Annie
Senior Queen Annie

Founded by the Willette family in 2010, WilletteRagdol raises CFA and TICA certified Ragdolls from their home in Southeast Massachusetts. All of our Ragdoll kittens are raised underfoot and are loved as one of the family, even after they have gone to their forever homes. We are blessed to wake each morning to lots and lots of kitty kisses.

Our Ragdolls are DNA tested for all genetic diseases, are up to date on shots, and are free of parasites. All kittens are spayed or neutered before they leave us for their forever homes. Our cattery produces only traditional (pointed, blue-eyed) Ragdoll colors. We guarantee the health of all our Ragdolls for one full year, and are available for consults for the life of the kitten.

Willetteragdol Ragdoll Breeder in Massachusetts JeTaime and her babies
JeTaime and her babies

At WilletteRagdol, we only sell our Ragdoll kittens to homes that promise to never let their cats outside or have them declawed. By nature, Ragdoll cats are extremely gentle and trusting animals. They will walk up to anyone and anything looking for affection. As owners, it is up to us to protect our “furry kids” and to also allow them the means to protect themselves if necessary.

All WilletteRagdol parents receive bi-weekly emails containing lots of photos and “kitten updates”. Often times, these updates are written from the kitten’s perspective…ie: “This is what I learned this week…” We believe that it is this type of communication that will foster the kitten-to-new-parent bond while you anxiously wait for your new kitten to be old enough to go home.

Willetteragdol Ragdoll Breeder in Massachusetts Blue Baby
Blue Baby

All of our Ragdolls grow up with handmade cat beds which are scattered throughout our cattery. To make the transition into their new forever homes a bit easier, Willetteragdol sends each kitten home with a special care package, which includes one of these handmade beds, as well as food, toys, etc. These beds provide the kitten with something familiar, therefore helping to ease the transition.

Our kittens never stop being a part of our family. Being a cage-less cattery, our kittens are raised with kids, family commotion, a wonderful cat-loving dog, and, of course, lots of kisses and snuggles. It is our passion to care for and cultivate this beautiful breed, so that they may bring as much happiness to other families as they do for us.

We encourage you to please see our website (www.willetteragdol.com) for more details about us, our cattery, and our gorgeous Ragdolls.

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Willetteragdol Ragdoll Breeder in Massachusetts Kitten Snack Time
Kitten Snack Time
Willetteragdol Ragdoll Breeder in Massachusetts Jacque our stud kitty
Jacque our stud kitty

**Editor Note: For Ragdoll breeders who contact me and would like to be featured on the site, I offer a few options – 1) they can do a write-up like this one and/or 2) they can do an interview with me.  I do not EVER RECOMMEND Ragdoll breeders, but rather let readers do it here.  It would take months of investigation and also several trips to the cattery.  It’s simply impossible for me to recommend breeders.  However, I will only feature Ragdoll breeders who responsibly early spay and neuter their pets.

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  1. Lurve this post, Jenny! Sounds like a wonderful and loving and very responsible cattery! Thanks for letting them share their story with us! What beautiful kittehs!! The pics are GORGEOUS!!! I just fell in lurve with Blue Baby! And what a HANDSOME stud is Jacque! And beautiful Queens Annie (lurve her face!) and JeTaime (stunning girl)!

    Best of luck to you, WilletteRagdol!!! Thanks for sharing your story with us! Mighty impressive!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. These are beautiful cats for sure and the breeder looks great but why does she feed Eukenuba? It is one of the worst foods on the planet to feed a cat. The first four ingredients are Chicken, Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn Meal, Corn Grits. Ugh. Sorry to be Debby Downer.

      1. Oh good. I didn’t mean to be so negative but we have become so pet food savvy because of your website that my radar went up on this. There is no reason to feed such bad food as I know for sure there are many out there at the same cost or even less.

      2. I should have said there are many out there that are far better than Eukanuba that are equal or less in cost.

      1. We have tried a few other cat foods. We once tried Blue and two of our girls were allergic to it . We would consider Eukenuba once our girls are no longer nursing. We have been feeding Royal canin ragdoll since it came out without any problems. Our “kids” really like it. This is what our veterinarian suggested. I will try Eukenba once our babies leave us. When I try another food we mix it and slowly switch over. If the kids like it , we’ll try it.

    1. Good question, knowltons4! I know our breeder fed her litters Royal Canin which we transitioned her from after her first UTI and info we found here on Floppycats!! 🙂 <3

  3. Oh no! I thought this breeder fed Eukanuba! I was wrong and apologize! Royal Canin is not all that great but I guess better than Eukanuba. These two brands plus Science Diet are pushed by vets because they get kickbacks for selling it. My own vet does too and now I will never ask her advice on food, which is a shame. I go by a couple of cat food reviews that Jenny has posted about on floppycats. My favorite is Natural Cat Care Blog.

  4. Since we have been breeding ragdolls we only had a problem once and that’s when we tried feeding blue. Two of our girls developed an allergy. We switched back to Royal canin and we have been feeding Royal canin since 2010. We only will try another brand when our kittens are gone. My cats do well with Royal Canin …. Ever so often we might try something else as long as it’s a good food and we run it by our Doctor first. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and what works for the fur kids.

  5. I love Willetteragdol and I got my second Ragdoll, Madeline from Bette and Rick. They are lovely, caring and wonderful breeders of our beloved Ragdoll cats. I loved and treasured the experience they offer … the weekly letters and photos FROM the kitten are so endearing and effective in helping you to be a part of your baby’s life in the early weeks while you are waiting the 12-14 wks before bringing them home. I’ve been to their home/cattery and it is so kitten centered and welcoming, not to mention scrupulously clean!! What I loved most was the fact that you can tell that Bette and Rick truly love their animals and they go out of there way to be available to new parents even after the kitten goes home. What a difference from my first Ragdoll buying experience!! I love these people and if I ever decide to get another, It’ll be from them. They are truly wonderful. FWIW, breeders who feed many, many cats don’t generally feed top of the line cat food. Ask around. At least this cattery feeds WET!! It’s easy enough to transition a kitten to whatever you wish for them to eat once home.

  6. What sweet little Ragdolls! Love, love, love seeing the new little baby Ragdolls – makes me want another one! Uh-oh, no! Think we’re good with our 3 girls right now and don’t want to upset the balance, BUT if one ever just drops in like several of them did, well, that might be different because they always seem to find us. Always love looking though and knowing about great, responsible breeders so if any friend ever asks, will know where to direct them. Thanks for the great post.

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