SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl Product Review: Keep Wet Food Moist Longer

SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl Product Review: Eliminate Wet Cat Food Aroma in Your Home

SureFeed Sealed Pet BowlEver wanted to eliminate the aroma of wet cat food in your home, but still be able to feed your kitties wet food?  The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl might be your answer.  Or have you been looking for a solution to keep your kitties’ wet food moist longer? The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl might be your solution. The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl has a motion-activated lid that opens up when it detects motion – so it does open when your cat, dog or human walks by it.  And when it senses your kitty moving away, the lid closes, keeping the food in the bowl fresher for longer. This extends the life of your wet food – and also keeps flies away, if you are feeding outside, for example.  Other readers have mentioned how you could make the wet food last even longer with this by refrigerating the bowl and putting the wet food in the bowl. The cats didn’t take long not to be freaked out by it – and in fact, when they were both first exposed to it, they didn’t run out of the room, but rather took a step back and watched it.  I was able to catch Trigg’s first reaction to it during our unboxing video, which is posted below.  The opening of the lid makes some noise, but not much, as you can hear in both videos below. The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl If you are looking for a solution for multiple pets – SureFeed has a Microchip Pet Feeder. It only opens for a registered pet’s microchip or RFID collar tag to keep pets from stealing the other pet’s food.  My vet is actually recommending it because one of their vet techs is using it and loving it. My biggest disappointment (and perhaps, a little ridiculous) was that it doesn’t come with the four C batteries it requires – I think it’s the kid in me that would get a toy from Santa and if we didn’t have the batteries in the house, we couldn’t play with it.  So I do wish I had known it needed them before it arrived – so I hope that info helps someone else when buying it. The bowl is plastic and as I mentioned in our final review video below, you have to be careful with plastic bowls and cats that get zits.  I have heard they will be coming out with a ceramic bowl or a metal bowl you can buy as an additional accessory.  Also, the bowl seems to be wide and shallow enough to deal with whisker fatigue – but I have never had a cat with that issue, so I can’t comment on that fully. Overall, I definitely like this bowl and the solutions that SureFeed and SureFlap is providing on the pet market.

SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl Unboxing Video


SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl Product Review Video


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What do you think of this motion-activated pet bowl?  Would you buy one for your home? Why or why not?

See more of our cat product reviews. We received the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl for review from the manufacturer and also asked that they pay a small review fee.  Receiving the free product and the review fee did not influence this honest post.
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  1. Hi Jenny I loved the review!
    Although it is a decent feeder the batteries thing really bum me out as its something else to monitor and deal with.
    I would much rather a cat feeder that has the ability to plug into the wall so you don’t have to bother with it.

    Thanks again 🙂

    1. I see advantages and disadvantages to a plug into the wall. I think I prefer the batteries. I walk by the thing several times of day and it opens every time I walk by it. And the batteries seem to be holding strong. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal to monitor it, especially when you are already using the bowl on a daily basis. And if the power goes out, it will more than likely work, which is a winner, winner chicken dinner.

  2. Teresa Reid says:

    Loved these videos Jenny, Charlie and Chiggy! Their reactions to the new moving bowl parts were hilarious, especially Chiggy! Loved how Charlie took that opportunity to move right in and get the “cheats.” Poor Chiggy but know his mama took care of giving him some of his very own too. OK, so for the bowl, I love the concept, especially for multiple cat families and am glad they are coming out with ceramic bowls for the zit problem. Right now, here, all our girls are such vigorous eaters of their ZiwiPeak and Tiki Cat food, they woof it down right away and nothing is left to worry about. However, sure would have loved this bowl about 15 years ago when we had a special needs kitty who required a special diet all his life and always had to eat separately from the others. Felt so sorry for him that I would stay in the bathroom or whichever room he was eating in, so he would’t feel like I was punishing him for his special needs. This bowl would have been wonderful and if the need ever arises with Mari (early stages of renal disease), will definitely keep that in mind because it would be a great help.
    Having the batteries included would be a very nice touch because it is very deflating when you open a product and get all excited about what it is going to do and then find out there are no batteries included. I keep a messy battery drawer stocked from my shopping trips to Big Lots for those occasions because I don’t like to wait! Hehehe!

    Thanks for bringing us another great product Jenny, Chiggy and Charlie!

    1. HI Teresa – thanks for the feedback – yes, I keep a messy drawer as well (actually I store my batteries in my fridge like my mom) from all my couponing – but I only had two C batteries…so it was still a bummer! I have plenty of AAs and AAAs.

  3. Another pawesome product review, Jenny! THIS is really a cool product! The only drawback for me is the plastic bowl. I’m glad they are coming out with a ceramic or stainless steel insert (I prefer ceramic or glass, personally). And, having the bowl be assigned for a specific microchip identification is great when there are multiple cats, dogs or a mix of both! Brilliant design! Of course, I ADORED seeing Cha-Cha Man and Chiggy in the videos! I agree with you about the batteries. Always suck when you get something and then discover you need batteries that you don’t have. It would be super awesome if the product came with the batteries in the box to use. Great job!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. thanks, patti! wondered – if you thought a review was bad – would you tell me honestly?

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