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I was leaving Macy’s late one morning when my daughter Valerie sent me a text message with a photo of a cat. “Look! Adult female Ragdoll available for adoption at the Humane Society!”

Sophie - Floppycat of the Week It's nap time!

Here we go again, I thought. She needs to stop viewing their website. I don’t need a cat. I’m already cat-sitting hers!

I got in my car and started for home around 11:00. Valerie’s text kept replaying in my mind. How did she know that I once wanted a Ragdoll cat? I’ve never mentioned it to her. I quickly dismissed the idea of visiting the shelter. After all, my husband David didn’t like cats, and we already had two Shetland Sheepdogs. I resigned myself to the thought that I probably would never have my dream cat.

You see, this story all started a few months earlier when Valerie, who lives on her own, had adopted an adorable two-month-old orange tabby from the same shelter. She named her Eowyn, and soon her kitten became a regular weekend visitor to our home. David tolerated the kitten and our shelties accepted her into their pack, and so it wasn’t long before I was cat-sitting Eowyn daily while Valerie was at work. I liked cats, but I had always considered myself to be a dog-lover. The strangest thing was that I found myself becoming attached to Eowyn.

“Valerie, why don’t you let Eowyn sleep over?” I asked. “That will save you the trip of having to come over every morning.”

“No! Are you trying to steal my cat?” she retorted. “Go get your own cat.”

So here I was, driving home from Macy’s and trying to persuade myself to pay a visit to the animal shelter. It wouldn’t hurt to just take a look at the Ragdoll. Just look, right? Yeah…why not!

Suddenly I found myself making a U-turn and heading straight to the Humane Society. When I got there, it had been open for almost thirty minutes, and by that time, I was so sure that someone had adopted the Ragdoll. Well…I’ll just go in and visit since I’m here already.

It had been years since I last visited the shelter, and I noticed that it was beautifully renovated. I went straight to the old cat house, but when I didn’t see the Ragdoll, my heart sank. I could only conclude that my hunch was correct and that she was gone by now.

As I headed down the steps, I saw in front of me what looked like another cat house.

It was a brand new one! I glanced inside, but all that I saw were empty cages. I was about to leave when something told me to look again. I turned around and went back in. This time, I looked into every single cage. To my surprise, there she was! A beautiful adult Ragdoll with big baby-blue eyes staring at me.

Just at that moment, a volunteer walked in. “Would you like me to let her out so you can get to know her?”

“Uh… okay.” I knew I was there only to look. After all, I’ve never seen a real Ragdoll in person, but I’ve always admired them in photographs. Her information on the cage read: Ophelia. Female. 16-month-old Ragdoll. 13 pounds. Silver. Spayed.
Arrived 9/12/2017. Status: AVAILABLE. That was only three days ago!

The volunteer pulled the information sheet off the cage door and handed it to me. “Here. You can take this to the front desk, and they’ll be able to give you more information.”

I whispered under my breath, “I…really…wasn’t…here…to…adopt…her.” Or was I? “Well, okay. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to find out more about this Ophelia,” I told the volunteer.

I handed the information sheet to the clerk at the front desk. “Would you tell me more about this cat?”

“Sure.” The clerk scanned her computer screen. “It appears that Ophelia’s first owner gave her up because she was too aggressive and didn’t get along with the sister kitten. The second owner surrendered her to us because her three young children were being too rough with her. She apparently doesn’t do well with small children.”
Two previous owners? That was not what I was expecting to hear.

“Ma’am, you have 30 days to try her out to see if she’ll be a good fit for you. If not, you can return her and we’ll give you a full refund of the adoption fee.” The clerk graciously handed the information sheet back to me.

My heart broke when I heard of Ophelia’s sad plight, but I hesitated to adopt her because I knew that if she didn’t work out, then I’d be returning her to the shelter. With three rejections to her name, she’ll be harder to adopt!

When I walked back to the cat house, the volunteer was waiting for me. “Well, how did it go?”

I told her about Ophelia’s history, and that now I found this cat tugging at my heartstrings. “Perhaps I need to spend more time observing her before I make a decision.”

For the next hour, I held on to Ophelia’s information sheet, which was also the ticket to adopting her. The volunteer remained with me in the cat house to answer any of my questions. Unexpectedly, Ophelia leaped up on the bench and quietly sat down next to me. She appeared to be a mellow cat who enjoyed adult company. Within that hour, several people and families with young children passed through, but none showed any serious interest in Ophelia. Perhaps it was because she was an adult cat, and many preferred a kitten instead.

I turned to the volunteer. “I’ll take her.”

Sophie - Floppycat of the Week Sophie's first day home

When I had completed filling out the adoption forms and paid the fee, I asked the clerk, “May I have some time to think of a new name? I want to give her a fresh start in life.”

“Sure. Just let us know so that we can change the information in our microchip database.”

The volunteer walked with me to my car and loaded the cardboard carrier onto the passenger front seat. She peeped through the holes in the carrier and waved goodbye to Ophelia. “I’ll miss you. I hope you’ll love your forever home.”

“Yes. I hope so too!” I replied. “Whatever it takes, I will make it work for her.”

The next three days were surprisingly easy. Ophelia was readily accepted by our two shelties, and she and Eowyn became inseparable. Together they were like four peas in a pod. With David, well…he was not thrilled with my surprise when he saw this giant cat roaming the house, but he allowed her to stay. We gave her some space to adjust, and we were confident that she would be a good fit for our family.
Sophie - Floppycat of the Week Snack time!

I decided to rename her Sophie. It means wisdom, but I also chose that name because of its sweet, elegant sound. It was the perfect name for her new start with us.
Shortly thereafter, I discovered a side of Sophie that I had not seen at the shelter. Whenever I touched her paws or tail, she would go into a panic and dash from me. Brushing her fur or carrying her was almost impossible. She was easily startled by the sound of a spray bottle and would bolt from the room. Each time she did that, I would search the entire house, calling her name until I found her.

Sophie - Floppycat of the Week Skyler, Brett, & Sophie

One evening, I laid down next to Sophie and looked into her baby blue eyes. “We would never do anything to hurt you. You are safe with us. I don’t know how long it will take to help you heal from all your fears, but I promise you that we will help you overcome all of them. You don’t ever have to worry about finding another home with a family who would love you. This is your home now. We are your family now. And we love you unconditionally.”

Sophie - Floppycat of the Week Brett & Sophie
Sophie began showing an interest in David. She would climb up the stairs every morning to greet him outside the bathroom door, and remain with him the entire time until he left for work. Over a period of a few weeks, she had begun to melt his heart. She did what no other cat was able to accomplish in all of David’s life: She had won his affection.

Every morning, Sophie never failed to let David know how much she fancied him by her loud purring whenever he carried her in his arms and kissed her goodbye on her head before he left for work. She chose to love first, and was loved in return from the most unexpected family member.

Eight months after I adopted Sophie, my family and I celebrated her second birthday on May 26 with new toys, treats, and a new brush. Yes, a brand new brush that she absolutely loves. One of the highlights of her day is a daily brushing every morning from head to tail and even her paws. Yes, paws and tail! She no longer panics and runs when anyone touches her paws or tail. In fact, Sophie will hold her tail high in the air for me to take a hold of, and then she will lead me to her snack shelf, chatting all the way to the kitchen. She has become a highly vocal cat who walks with confidence around her new home like it is nobody’s business.

Sophie - Floppycat of the Week Sophie & Eowyn
“I love my Sophie so much,” I wrote in an email to my sister Christine. “I never thought I could love a cat as much as I love my dogs.”

The next thing Christine wrote was a profound revelation about Sophie’s fate that I had never thought about. “Just think that ever since she was a tiny kitten, she was always meant to be yours. But in order for her to find her way to you, she had to live with the right family who would give her up and place her in the Humane Society so that she would be in the right place for you to find her. Unknowingly, it was meant to be.”

Sophie - Floppycat of the Week sophie & Eowyn wrestling
Christine’s words rang true when I thought about the series of events that needed to occur so that I would finally have my dream cat, and Sophie would finally have a family who would love her for the rest of her life. Some things are a coincidence to some people, and some things are a God-incidence to others. I believe this was one of those God-incidences in both of our lives.

The story of Sophie’s adoption from our local humane society was posted on September 03, 2018. Since that time, a lot had transpired, mainly the loss of her best dog buddies, Brett and Skyler, who passed away this summer due to illnesses. This sequel tells the story of Sophie who loved and grieved and how her responses were both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

It is about her inborn nature to feel compassion as well as her resilience to overcome adversity. For a person who had never owned a cat before, I find those actions worthy of attention.

Sophie Ragdoll of the Week Part 2 IMG_0610
Brett and Sophie: best buddies from the beginning

They had almost two beautiful years of friendship together. I never imagined when I adopted Sophie from our local humane society that she would become attached to both of our family’s 14-year-old shelties. She struck up a friendship that lasted until the very end of our dogs’ lives in the summer of 2019.

A year after Sophie’s adoption in September 2017, Brett suffered from congenital heart failure due to complications from having an enlarged heart. His veterinarian put him on several medications to relieve him of the many acute symptoms.

Still, the reality was that he was living on borrowed time and was given six months to a year before his heart could no longer hold on. Sophie seemed to understand that Brett was not feeling well, and so and she hung around him more often than before.

Sophie Ragdoll of the Week Part 2 IMG_0628
Brett and Sophie drinking water

Even when he stood up to get a drink of water, Sophie was right there next to him, doing the same thing. Occasionally I would see her gently tapping his back paws to play with her. As the months passed, Brett grew too weary of responding to her tappings and would remain asleep behind the living room curtain.

Sophie Ragdoll of the Week Part 2 IMG_0571
Brett, Skyler, and Sophie outside

Nine months later, Brett passed away at the pet hospital, and so he wasn’t with me when I returned home. Sophie immediately knew that something was wrong. She checked his usual place behind the curtain and then went looking for him in every room of the house, but he wasn’t anywhere.

From that night, she slept in Brett’s favorite spot behind the curtain. I watched her nudge the bottom of it and crawl under until only the tips of her nose and front paws were visible. She missed him immensely.

About a month later, our other sheltie, Skyler, had lost interest in eating and began displaying other health complications. He was diagnosed with liver cancer and put on medications. During that time, Sophie must have known that her other buddy Skyler wasn’t feeling well.

Sophie Ragdoll of the Week Part 2 IMG_0045
Skyler feeling sick, and Sophie remained by his side

Whenever he laid down to rest his weary body, she was right there near him, watching him sleep. There were times when she playfully tapped his face with her paw, hoping to get a response from him, but all Skyler did was turn the other way and go back to sleep. Sophie had just lost her favorite buddy Brett, and what she seemed to want was to let Skyler know that he was her favorite buddy now.

Sophie Ragdoll of the Week Part 2 IMG_0508
Skyler progressively worsened and Sophie watched him as he slept

Skyler continued to worsen over the next month, and it was sheer agony to watch him become emaciated and weak. At that point, we knew it was time to say goodbye instead of allowing him to suffer any longer. And so in August, we decided to let him go.

Sophie Ragdoll of the Week Part 2 IMG_0636
After Skyler died, Sophie slept on his bed.

Even though Sophie seemed fine, I knew she missed Skyler because she started sleeping on his bed at night. And every night after that. Occasionally she would alternate between sleeping in Brett’s place behind the curtain and then on Skyler’s bed. This behavior continued for several weeks.

One early evening, Sophie was eating her dinner when suddenly, from a distance, she heard one of our neighbor’s dogs give out two playful barks. She immediately stopped eating and perked up. I watched Sophie walk cautiously to the foot of the staircase, swishing her tail in anticipation of something. Was she hoping to see her best buddies come running down like they had in the past? She sat down and waited. And waited. And waited. But they never came.

“Sophie,” I whispered. “Brett and Skyler are not upstairs. Your buddies aren’t here anymore. They’re in heaven.”

She sat there for a while, and when she felt ready, she walked away and laid down in the living room corner where both dogs used to nap.

“If only you could talk,” I said to Sophie as I stroked her head. “We all miss the boys too. The house feels empty without them around, huh?”

I remembered the times when Sophie didn’t like being alone outside for long and would meow for her buddies to join her. As old and tired as they were, they were still willing to go out to be with her. It was the same with the inside of our home.

Wherever the dogs were in the house, there I would find Sophie nearby. They were just like three-peas-in-a-pod.

It is now December, and it has been four months since our last sheltie passed away. Over time, Sophie adjusted to the changes. She no longer sleeps in Brett’s corner under the curtain or on Skyler’s bed. Nowadays, she’ll sleep wherever she chooses to lay her head.

Because I’m retired, Sophie now hangs out with me wherever I am in the house or the yard. It doesn’t seem to matter to her if the company she keeps is two- or four-legged. I believe that if Sophie has chosen to hang out with a new buddy, then it must be a sign that her heart is healed. And that’s a reassuring sign that she’s okay now.


Sophie Ragdoll of the Week Part 2 IMG_0213
Sophie’s best buddies: Skyler (L) and Brett(R) when they were healthy

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  1. Brendalynn Lapekes Eustice says:

    What a beautiful story! God tugged at you to turn around and take another look in those empty cages for sure! Sophie is beautiful and I am so happy she accepted everyone in your family, especially winning over your husband! She is a special girl and has gorgeous eyes!

    I lost my sweet Willow in March. He was ragdoll of the week in May. I still miss him so much and always will. He was a special boy. We recently adopted another male ragdoll kitten and brought him home a month ago. I named him Binx. I never thought I could love him so fast or so much! The timing of Willow’s passing was right when Binx would have been conceived. I like to think Willow sent Binx to us to help our hearts heal from his passing. He was born on May 16th with an angel kiss on his back right hock (foot), which I like to think was from Willow!

    I am so happy for you and Sophie! Enjoy your sweet girl and snuggle her up!

    1. Hi Brendalynn,
      Thank you for your response. September 15th will mark the anniversary of Sophie’s adoption from the Humane Society. I am still amazed at all the little but important events that occurred on that particular day. It couldn’t be anything less than God gifting me with Sophie.

      Also, thank you for sharing about Willow, and I’m so sorry to hear of his passing. You know, I think having to say goodbye is the hardest thing to do, but I am so glad you opened your heart to share your love with Binx. He definitely is a God-incidence story too.

      Many years of blessings to Binx and your family.
      Sybil Hamada

  2. Kathi Branch says:

    What a precious story. So much love in your house. Sophie is one lucky girl!

    1. Hi Kathi,
      Thank you! We feel blessed to have her in our lives too.

      Sybil Hamada

  3. What a sweet story. Sophie was meant to be with your family and I’m so glad you found each other. I love that she insinuated herself into your husband’s heart!

    1. Hi Wendy,
      Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, my husband is also realizing that cats are really smart. He was surpised that Sophie responds when he asks her to do something.

      Sybil Hamada

  4. Carole Bengson says:

    What a wonderful story. I know that feeling about just going to “look”. That is how I got my Ragdoll Nicolai. They sure do have a way of pulling at the heartstrings. And so fun to see how she won over your husband. Such beautiful Shelties too. So great that they are good with kitties too. I definitely believe in the God-incidence as you say. It truly was meant to be. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story and for giving Sophie a wonderful forever home. Hugs

    1. Hi Carole,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      All four pets are best buddies, but Sophie tends to pay a little more attention to Brett. He is the one who is lying down back-to-back with her in one of the photos. Brett is 13.5 years old and was recently diagnosed with congenital heart failure. He’s on heart medications, and Sophie is the one I will find lying down close to him at times.
      As the months go on, I’m seeing more and more of the real Sophie is unwrapping, and every bit of her is beautiful.

  5. ABarletta says:

    Thank you for sharing Sophie’s story. I think your sister hit the nail on the head. You were meant to be her family. She was meant to be your cat. Unfortunately, Sophie had to go through some unpleasant circumstances. But she finally got to where she was going. Thank you for taking her from the shelter. Thank you for loving her unconditionally.

    1. Hi ABarletta,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. My friends who are cat lovers were shocked to learn that I found Sophie at our local humane society. I feel so blessed to have Sophie in my life. She’s much more tolerant now to being carried, but the only person she will purr loudly while being carried is only with my husband. She doesn’t do that with anyone else. LOL!
      Sybil H.

  6. OMG!!! Such a beautifully written love story about your STUNNING Sophie Girl!!! I actually am so touched by your super pawesome story and love for this precious girl that I have tears in my eyes! LURVE that you adopted this lovely girl and have given her the most love and best furever home possible! Finally, she has found her One True Family!!! YAY!! And, her bonding with your hubby is SOOOO PRECIOUS!!! Her joining your family with such ease of bonding with your Shelties and pretty Eowyn truly was a sign that she was HOME!! Plus, to win over your hubby so easily…fated to be!!! Your sister is absolutely spot on!! 🙂 <3

    LURVE the pics so very much!! Wow! One look at her baby blues and I was head over heels myself!! She sounds like such a delight now that she is comfortable and has made herself at home and is the confident,delightful companion she was always meant to be!!

    God bless you and your family for loving her sooo very much and adding her to your furry brood of pawesomeness!!! 🙂 <3

    Wishing all of you many more years of good health, happiness, love and purry/barky adventures together!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. Hi Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle,
      Thank you for your beautiful response.
      I had forgotten to add that I don’t know if she’s still afraid of the sound of spray bottles because I haven’t used one in months. I do use aerosole sprays, but she doesn’t run from the sound of them anymore. She’ll watch from a distance, but she doesn’t bolt from the room like she used to.
      Sophie is like a puppy who follows me all over the house, and so she’s constantly getting pats, head rubs, belly scratches, and hugs. She is my furry pride and joy.
      Sybil H.

      1. Truly my pleasure, Sybil!!! I just adore that puppy behavior soooo very much!! You are never truly alone if you have a Ragdoll! So glad she’s doing better around the spraying sound. BIG HUGS & LOTS OF LOVE!! 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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