SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl


SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl is a high-tech cat dish that has a motion sensor that opens the lid to the dish when your kitty approaches and closes as she walks away. This is great for people who don’t like the smell of wet cat food (like my brother) or to keep cat food fresh.


The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl is an electronic cat dish with a lid that senses when your cat is coming near and opens, and shuts when your cat walks away. This battery-operated cat dish can keep wet food moist, and the smell contained. If you feed your kitty outdoors, this can also help keep flies out of the cat food. It can be used for dry food as well. This smart cat food bowl requires four C batteries, which are not included, and the typical battery life is about six months.

The lid is pretty quiet, and my cats were not afraid of the dish. They were more curious about how it worked. The dish inside the housing is plastic and dishwasher safe. Plastic dishes can make cat acne worse, so if you are trying to prevent cat acne on a kitty who is prone to getting it, make sure to keep the dish very clean or to choose another type of dish altogether. The SureFeed cat bowl is wide enough to reduce whisker fatigue, which is something some readers talk about but I have not experienced with any of my cats.

SureFeed also makes another electronic product, a microchip activated cat feeder, which only opens when it senses a certain cat’s microchip approaching. This can be great if you have issues with a cat eating another kitty’s food or if you are feeding outdoors and don’t want other animals getting into the food dish. You can see more about the microchip pet feeder on their website.

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