Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl

The Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl is a raised ceramic cat bowl that is the perfect height for your kitty so her mouth isn’t below her stomach when eating.

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The Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl is a raised cat food dish. Some cat owners like raised cat bowls to help their cats with digestion or to help older cats or cats in cones eat easier. We were given the Regular size to review, which fits about a 3 ounce can of cat food. It also comes in a Mini or Large size. These raised cat bowls are safe for your kitty. They are made from a lead-free, non-absorbent porcelain that is both FDA safe and complies with European Standards (which I think are a little more reliable). They are also dishwasher safe, which is important to me. They have an inner lip to prevent spillage and are designed so food stays centered in the bowl and your cats don’t have to chase it around the bowl as they eat. We got the Paw Print pattern, but it does also come in Cat Dot and Cupcake prints. All the choices are white porcelain with black detail on the outside and a picture on the inside bottom of the bowl. We received these as a coordinating cat dish set that included a raised water dish and a tray to put them both on. You can see those in my review video and you can buy them separately if you like things to match.

Raised Cat Food Bowls

Necoichi Food and Water Bowls and Dining Tray Arrival Unboxing Video

Necoichi Food and Water Bowls and Dining Tray Product Review Video

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