The WooPet! Pet Food Mat

The WooPet! Pet Food Mat is a non-slip cat food mat to protect your floors and prevent pet food messes. This mat is not something I would have bought on my own, because I have never seen the need, but I ended up really liking it.


The WooPet! Pet Food Mat is a 24×16 inch silicone cat food mat to protect your floor from water and food spills- this would be great for pet owners with wood flooring, to prevent the floor from warping over time. It is a big mat, so it could be used for several dishes, or larger pet food dishes. This isn’t a product I would have thought to purchase for my cats but is one that has been a surprise win in my house. This pet food tray is made from heavy-duty, food grade silicone and is non-toxic and non-allergenic. It can be easily washed. It prevents some spills because it is textured on top, making it harder for your pet to move food dishes around. If you have cats that push water around the floor, this might be one way to prevent that. The bottom is also textured and made to be non-slip, so the whole cat food mat won’t go flying across your floor if your kitties get rambunctious or someone knocks it. This might be a nice product to catch water spray from cat water fountains, too. There is a raised lip around the surface so that if spills do happen, they are contained to the mat, and you can dump the mat off, rather than clean the whole area. The mats come in blue, tan, and gray. There is a 60-day guarantee, and the company offers full refunds.

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