Red Rocket Cat Litter Pail Litter Twist’R Disposal System with Scoop

The Litter Twist’R is a unique cat litter disposal system that uses twisted bags to trap odors – and help stop the need for kneeling down to cut and retie bags like you have to do with other cat litter bins.


The Litter Twist’R uses extra-large bags that can hold up to 17lb of used cat litter and cat waste. The bags are 7-layers thick to help stop odors from escaping. They have loops attached that connect to the bin so that it can be twisted around to create a tight seal once the bin is closed.

When assembled, the bin twists the bag completely closed. When cleaning out the litter tray, open the lid and place the used litter/waste on top of the closed bag. You then close the lid, twist the handle, and the bag is opened to allow the waste to drop in before closing again without opening the lid.

This way, you’re never exposed to the waste once it’s dropped into the bag – it stays locked away, along with the particles the waste releases that cause smells. And for any that escape in the brief seconds that the bag is twisted open, the bin’s lid contains charcoal filters to trap and neutralize them.

While other litter disposal systems rely on one long bag that must be cut and retied every time you change it, one of the benefits of the Litter Twist’R is that it is top-loading, and uses just one large bag at a time, so you don’t have to empty it as frequently. You can easily do so while standing up.

The Litter Twist’R comes with its own scoop and scoop holder and measures 17.75″ tall. Without the scoop holder, it is 10.55″ wide. With the scoop holder, it’s 14.88″ wide.

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