CET Toothpaste

CET Toothpaste is an enzymatic toothpaste for cats. It is flavored to be appealing to them, and is also a cat safe toothpaste.


CET Toothpaste is a safe cat toothpaste. It is made from enzymes, and comes in poultry and seafood flavors to tempt your kitty. Brushing a cat’s teeth is an important part of routine cat care, because periodontal disease is common in cats. It is really important to brush the surface of the teeth and right along the gum line, where the teeth and gums meet. It is ideal to start brushing your cat’s teeth when she is a kitten so that she stays healthy and so that she gets used to having her teeth cleaned and mouth manipulated.

Start by letting your cat get used to the taste and texture of the toothpaste. CET cat toothpaste is flavored to appeal to their natural pallets Once they are used to the toothpaste, start putting it on your finger and just touch your finger to your cat’s teeth. Then follow up with her favorite treat. Once your cat is comfortable with you putting your finger in her mouth and touching her teeth, introduce the toothbrush, and just start putting the toothbrush with paste on it in her mouth. After this, you can brush her teeth. It is easiest for me to do it by laying the cats down, head to the side, and gently pulling up on the mouth to expose the teeth and gums, brush the outside of the canines and the gum line, and then turn the head and do the other side of the mouth. A product like CET pet toothpaste makes it a lot easier, especially if they enjoy the flavor because then they see it as a bit of a treat. It is very important to use cat safe toothpaste and NOT human toothpaste on your kitty. She can’t spit, and the ingredients in human toothpaste can make cats sick.

Here is a video of me brushing Caymus’ teeth with the CET Toothpaste


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