Feliway Diffusers

Feliway Comfort Zone are diffusers that put out pheromones similar to those released by your cat when it is happy and relaxed to prevent cats from acting out by urine spraying or vertical scratching.


Comfort Zone from Feliway is a plug-in diffuser that puts out substances that mimic the pheromones that cats release when they feel safe and happy. This reduces stress and prevents them from acting out by urinating around the house or scratching on furniture. The pheromones it mimics are those that cats naturally release when they rub their faces onto objects to show that the area is safe.

This product is best known for reducing the urine making behavior, but it is also useful to calm cats down. It can also be used in households where there are multiple cats to reduce stress and tension. It can also be used when there are known stressors coming up, such as one of the owners going on vacation, a new member in the family, etc. It is easy to use because you only need to plug it in and the active substance will be released all around the area. My all cat vet has one in every examine room.

**WARNING** – be cognizant of when the diffuser is empty as an empty difusser could cause an electrical fire if left plugged in with no oil in it.

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