Adored Beast Colloidal SilverSol

This Colloidal SilverSol from Adored Beast is a patented product that can be used as an external treatment for cats or added to their food for internal treatments. It is designed to tackle skin, eye, and ear infections and is a potent anti-inflammatory.

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There are several potential benefits to using colloidal silver to help your pet. Applied to injuries, it can soothe and repair cuts, burns, and scrapes and help disinfect the area, removing harmful bacteria. At the same time, it is modified to make sure that any good bacteria is left intact.

The complete list of potential benefits includes the following:

  • Helping to fight skin, eye, and ear infections
  • Disinfecting cuts, burns, or scrapes
  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which can speed up recovery times
  • Can prevent some diseases
  • Boosts your cat’s immune system
  • Works alongside antibiotics instead of stopping them from functioning

What makes this solution better than other silver solutions is two key technologies:

  • Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) changes the water molecules’ shape to enter cells more efficiently.
  • As this is a SilverSol, it is missing an electron. This attracts the silver to pathogens, meaning it works more effectively.

This product contains 99.99% pure silver that is suspended in deionized water. There are no other additives, making this a high-quality product you can use confidently. It is free of parabens, and it is sustainably sourced.

This product can be used as a spray. It’s recommended to spray any affected injuries 2-3 times daily to stop your animal from licking it off before it has soaked in. If you want to add it to your kitty’s food, add 1 teaspoon twice daily.

The bottle contains 50ml (1.69 fl oz) of solution. It is limited to this amount to stop it from freezing when stored. It should be kept in a cool, dry place away from heat and light and will last for up to 4 years once opened.

Here’s an example of how I use SilverSol.

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