Catty Stacks Designer Cat Houses

Catty Stacks Designer Cat Houses are eco-friendly cat condo furniture that promotes healthy exercise, scratching, and play. They are easy to configure and move around and they look nice in your house.


Catty Stacks Designer Cat Houses are unique cat furniture made of recycled cardboard. They use soy-based ink and are recyclable, making them a great choice for the environment as well. Kitties are naturally attracted to cardboard cat toys for playing and scratching, so these cardboard cat houses are especially appealing to them. You can buy them in different quantities and configure them yourself at home. You can watch our review video for tips to put them together easier. This is great cat furniture for apartments, small homes, or large homes because you can choose to make it as little or big as you’d like.

They are lightweight but very durable and come with reusable clips to hold them together, so your kitty is safe. They can be moved easily, or even decorated. Kids would have a great time coloring or decorating these cat condos. These are a nice choice over a simple cat tree because they encourage cats to exercise and climb. They are easy for your cats to move around in and you could play with them in it by using toys through the holes on the sides of the boxes. If your cats like them for scratching, they are easy to replace – just buy a few more boxes to replace or add on.

Cat Condo Design – Catty Stacks Cat House System


Cat Climbers Catty Stacks Cat House System

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