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Cats are known for their fondness for lounging on just about any surface they deem worthy. Some cats love to lounge on couches, beds, and other furniture. Many cats also like to have perches, towers, loungers, and spaces that are specifically their own. Cats also often like to run, climb, and jump, and can often be found perched in a high place. Allowing them the space or freedom to do this can be really important to help them feel secure in their environment and that they have some control over their surroundings. Cat trees, cat towers, and cat perches are great products for your cat and come with many different features, in different fabrics and styles, covered in different materials, and in various heights. Some have very tall perches, and some have lower perches and caves for your kitty to sleep in peace in. Cats also like to lounge on other materials and items, and cardboard is one of the most popular materials with cats. They are attracted to the feel of the cardboard both for sleeping and scratching, which makes larger cat scratcher lounges very popular for scratching and naps. Some cardboard cat condos and cardboard cat toys come in separate units that can be configured however you like and changed over and over to keep your cats interested. These kinds of cat climbing toys are nice because they are lightweight, recyclable, and can be as big or as small as you want!

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