Cat Tower

The Cat Tower is a stylish cat tree with a versatile setup. It is a 4-story model with 3 climbing holes and a cat bed. It also comes with vegetable-dyed sisal pads where the cat can scratch. Its dimensions are 18.03”W x 17.2”D x 53.86”H and it comes in two colors – white or Mystic Oak Woodgrain.


The Cat Tower is a lot of fun for your cat because it comes with 4 stories to explore and 3 climbing holes for easy access to the upper stories. The bottom story has a cat-bed floor and sisal-pad walls, which makes it a cat wonderland. The second story has 5 walls, which makes it the privacy story.

There is also a climbing hole to take the cat to the 3rd level, which only has two walls, one of which is a sisal pad. This level also has a climbing hole, which takes the cat to the ultimate perching area, the top level. The Cat Tower is 53.86″ high, which makes it a lot of fun for cats of all sizes. The exact dimensions are 18.03”W x 17.2”D x 53.86”H.

It has a stylish design and it is available in two color options – white or Mystic Oak Woodgrain, which makes it easy to fit in any home. It is also very easy to put together. If you want to see for yourself just how easy it is, take a look at our unboxing and assembly video for the Cat Tower. Spoiler alert – Trigg really likes it!

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