Overcoming Cat Allergies with Homeopathy


Overcoming Cat Allergies with Homeopathy

Overcoming Cat Allergies with Homeopathy Prince and Jasper
Prince and Jasper

A reader wrote in after reading the article, Reader Reports about Overcoming Cat Allergies, to tell me about how she overcame her cat allergies.  I love these stories because it means more kitties get homes and more people can enjoy cats – so I wanted to share (with Bonnie’s permission).

“My name is Bonnie and I have been allergic to cats my whole life. I also have general allergies to pollen, weather changes and chemicals. I also have asthma. In 2012 I decided to research ways to be healthier and not have to be so dependent on western medicines and try to reduce dr/hospital visits.

I came across Homeopathy and researched how it works and was attracted to the possibility of finding relief and balancing my body systems with homeopathic remedies. I found a wonderful Homeopathic practitioner in the Pasadena area and made an appointment right away. I found my Homeopathic practitioner at a Health and Wellness clinic in Pasadena. I noticed the clinic when driving by and called and spoke with my practitioner and the rest is history. Her name is Cynthia Delaski (I can highly recommend my practitioner. I’ve been going to her since 2012. She has reviews on Yelp as well) and her website is Bewellhomeopathy.com. A good site to learn about Homeopathy is homeopathycenter.org. She did an assessment and put me on a wonderful remedy that I still take to this day.  A remedy is a homeopathic medication. It can be made from plant, mineral or animal substances. It comes in liquid, tablet, gel or ointment form.

I do follow-up appointments throughout the year if things come up and to make sure I am on the right strength of Remedy. I started the remedies in January of 2012. In August 2012, 2 Norwegian Forest cats, father and son were abandoned in our alleyway and the father adopted me right away.

I noticed I was not allergic to them when I would pet them. I decided to adopt them and we are a very happy family. They are wonderful and my allergies and asthma are very well controlled as long as I stay on the correct remedy for my condition. They turn 10 and 4 this month and I plan on spoiling them more then usual. Thanks, Bonnie”


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  1. What a great success story! Thank you, Bonnie (& Jenny), for sharing your amazing story with us. CONGRATS on being able to get your beautiful kittehs and sharing a lifetime of love with them! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. What beautiful cats Bonni and so glad you get to enjoy them now with the help of such a wonderful modality! I use homeopathy myself as well as for my pets so I’m a big fan!

  3. Homeopathy is quackery. I was initially allergic to my rag doll cat for about a week, but after a that I became immmuno-tolerant. Regular old cetirizine helped me with the itchy eyes and nose for the first 5 days, but now I can rub my face on the cat’s fur with no issues whatsoever. Not everyone develops tolerance to cat allergens, and there are varying degrees of tolerance as well, but one thing that is for sure is that homeopathy does not have conclusive supporting research and is definitely not effective for anything other than making homeopaths money.

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