Large Cat Cat Tree in the UK

King of the Forest Cat Tree King of the Forest Cat Tree Floppycats’ reader, Janine wrote me:

Hope you and your boys are well.

As the cat power tower was a little out of my budget I had to find an alternative that would be ideal for a ragdoll and available to me in the UK.
Just thought I would share as its difficult to get a decent cat tree that fits a ragdoll.
The below link is for the King of the forest cat tree I have also attached a few pics.
The tree is large enough for ragdolls to spread out on and its heavy so will not topple over.
I am very pleased with my purchase.

King of the Forest Cat Tree

And included these photos!

King of the Forest Cat Tree

King of the Forest Cat Tree King of the Forest Cat Tree




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  1. Heather Bennett says:

    Jannine, where in the UK did you get this? I recently got a large tree form Zooplus and it’s too small for my female raggy, she can’t fit in the hidey holes and can barely sit in the 3 levels on the top 🙁

  2. Thank you for sharing, we are in the UK so will definately look into this one, our boys are just one year old so still growing!! Your cats are beautiful xx

  3. What a beautiful and functional tree! Know the puppy like being included as well and speaks for the sturdiness of it. Hope your kitties and dog enjoy it! Nice.

  4. June Ferley says:

    It would be wonderful to get a cat tree here for that price!!!! They are so expensive here for a really sturdy one. Yours is really great!


  5. Hi Gina
    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Zooplus ships to the states. I do hope you find a tree.

  6. These are awesome! Do they ship to the States? I’d love to get one.

  7. LOVE the the dog on the cat tree!!!

    1. Thank you. I asked my dog to sit on the tree just to prove how sturdy it is. I’m not sure my cat was happy about it.

      1. janine – i see that you saw the post – thanks again for letting me share with everyone!

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