ZiwiPeak Canned Cat Food: Cat Food Sourced from a Disease-Free Country

ZiwiPeak Wet Cat Food: Meat Sourced from New Zealand

Finding a quality canned cat food is always a challenge given all the pet food recalls and more that have happened in the last decade.  Not to mention all the ingredients you are supposed to avoid.

I first learned about ZiwiPeak years ago, and we were sent some of their air dried treats to try out. However, it wasn’t until a reader told me that she was giving her cats ZiwiPeak that I decided to look into it again.

Ziwi Peak Canned Cat Food Lamp Recipe Inside of Can
Ziwi Peak Canned Cat Food Lamp Recipe Inside of Can

Ziwi Peak is a pet food manufacturer located in New Zealand, which is a disease-free country. As a result, the lamb, rabbits, etc. that are used in the food are not given hormones or antibiotics like such animals are here in the USA.  In fact, the rabbits sourced for their food are wild-caught.

As it turns out, their US headquarters is located in the same city where I live, so I visited their US Corporate Offices to learn more about their premium canned cat food.
I was pleased that Charlie and Trigg ate the food out of the gate – and have continued to eat it.

Flavors We Tried

I chose three of their flavors to try:

  • Rabbit and Lamb
  • Lamb
  • Venison and Fish

Their premium cat food is made from 100% natural, fresh, raw meat, retaining natural moisture in the can. They come in 3 oz and 6 oz cans.

Ziwi Peak Canned Cat Food Venison and Fish Recipe Inside of Can
Ziwi Peak Canned Cat Food Venison and Fish Recipe Inside of Can

What’s really nice about Ziwi Peak is that their canned cat food does not contain chicken – unlike nearly every other wet food available.

Ziwi Peak’s canned cat food is pretty close to pate in appearance and tends to stick to the sides of the can. So, unlike a Fancy Feast can, for example, you can’t pop out the chunk of cat food – rather you have to use a spoon to scoop it out.

Ziwi Peak Canned Cat Food Rabbit and Lamb Inside of Can
Ziwi Peak Canned Cat Food Rabbit and Lamb Inside of Can

I associate the spooning out of the food with the fact that their canned cat food, ZiwiPeak Cuisine is retort-cooked in its own sterile container to preserve the nutritional integrity of the raw ingredients. The cans have BPA free food contact lining to ensure the contents are as safe and natural as possible. The canned ZiwiPeak Cuisine contains a minimum of 66% raw meat, with the balance being moisture and other essential vitamins and minerals like in the dry cuisine.

Buy Ziwi Peak or Try a Sampler Pack

You can buy Ziwi Peak canned cat food online or in local pet stores around the country.  They sell a 4-pack sampler pack, so you can easily figure out which flavors your kitty loves.

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  1. RagdollCatMom says:

    Had never tried this before, so stopped and bought a can of the lamb and rabbit ($3+ for the 6 ounce can, ouch). Came home and opened the can – Denali loved it – Stormy tried to bury it, and Dusty can’t have it (he’s on prescription renal food). I’ll see if Denali continues to eat it, and might get a case of the 3 ounce cans to keep on hand for Denali.

    I need to find something else that Stormy will eat, now that Wellness has discontinued his favorite pouches. I’ve got several months stockpiled, but they won’t last forever! He’s been eating them all his life (10 years old in September!)

    1. glad one of them liked it – maybe try mixing it with a fan favorite. i mixed a few flavors and still do with the wellness cans you told me about – they love it when i do that. the rabbit is the one they will eat by itself – mostly, charlie will, who is crazy picky.

  2. What a great post, Jenny, about an amazing company and food product! Oh, if only we could all live in New Zealand where everything is fresh and healthy in the food supply chain! YAY! Such a good product from a company who truly cares and has it all together apparently! A bit pricey for our budget but that could change in the future. So I’ll definitely keep this product in mind if our income increases accordingly.

    Got this on my wish list for the future for sure!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  3. Wayne Robinson says:

    Loki loves ZiwiPeak. He gets the Rabbit and Lamb or the Venison a couple of times a week, the rest of the time it’s something from Wellness or Weruva. Like you, Jenny, I’m a bit wary of the Beef, although I’ve given him a can and he liked it.

    I always order it online when on sale in trays of 24 (3oz/85g cans) because it works out much cheaper.

    He also gets a little of the air-dried Venison as a topping on his breakfast of Wellness CORE Kitten or Turkey and Duck.

    His first encounter with it didn’t meet with much interest because it’s so very different to regular cat food, but over time and with a little coaxing he’s now a true believer! Like his dad 🙂 This stuff is fantastic food and if your cat is unsure about it, please persevere. It’s certainly not ‘rich’ as one person commented. Quite the contrary, it’s a very light food containing none of the nonsense found elsewhere.

    If I had to choose ONE brand to feed Loki forever, ZiwiPeak would be it, hands down. But I believe in feeding a wide variety to maintain interest and, more importantly, to ensure they get their nutrients from a wide range of sources. Cheers, Wayne

    1. knowltons4 says:

      Well it’s because I went through so much hell trying to find a food that the cats didn’t get diarrhea from. I had success with Nature’s Variety for awhile until they changed the recipe then I found Organix and everything has been perfect. I am not a fan of beef. I tried rabbit and they didn’t touch it and these boys devour anything. I disagree with you on the “richness” of the food. The venison is very rich maybe not the other kinds. I guess the way I look at it is would I rather deal with diarrhea or too much licking? I guess I should start experimenting again at some point but it’s so nice to have perfect poop!

      1. knowltons4 says:

        Oh and no on the duck. I have had luck with Lotus pork but the cans are so tiny and super expensive. I add that sometimes to the Organix.

      2. Wayne Robinson says:

        LOL about the “perfect poop”! Every cat owner’s dream!

  4. Teresa Reid says:

    All my girls love, love, love ZiwiPeak venison and rabbit diets. I put Mari on it when she became sick last year and it has proved to do so well for her that I continued it. Poor Gracie has to go really slow to not get a stomach upset. That might be what happened to Knowltons4’s cats. Gracie has to have just a tiny teaspoon of the new food incorporated into the old food over a week, then increase or decrease as tolerated until her system finally tolerates it. If I tried to give her the whole thing, she would be sicker than a dog and that is for any food or treats. It is my goal to replace the Wild Calling completely with ZiwiPeak because it is a much better quality food. I’m not saying that Wild Calling is not a great food because it is as far as the ingredients are concerned. But, one day last year, I heated up the Wild Calling that was left over and it became a mushy, greasy mess. So, I heated up the ZiwiPeak just to see what would happen with that and it stayed just as it was, so that made me really appreciate the integrity of ZiwiPeak even more. It is a really clean meat in the varieties we’ve tried which are venison and rabbit. The Tiki Cat is great too and really like that the chicken is just like human chicken (because it is made under human regulations). ♥♥♥♥

  5. is chicken bad? i feed my cats chicken and turkey wet food all the time. i don’t give them fish anymore. so what’s up with chicken?

    1. no, chicken isn’t necessarily bad – some cats can get an allergy to it overtime and it’s SUPER hard to find cat food that doesn’t have chicken in it.

      1. My two are not fans of chicken cat food, but they sure do love Whole Life Chicken cheats!!

    2. knowltons4 says:

      I also give mine turkey and chicken. I’m pretty sure they are getting allergic but I won’t do fish and the other meats…yuck.

      1. Wayne Robinson says:

        If they’re allergic, why won’t you feed them other meats? Just curious…

  6. I bought a case of it recently and I am trying to get them both to eat it – one will nibble on the rabbit and lamb, the other sniffs, scratches and walks away. I’ve been trying to decide when is the best time to try it and if I should mix it with something they do love. I’m going to keep trying because I really think this is great food and I want them to eat it, dammit!!

    1. there were a few times where charlie and trigg wouldn’t eat the full can, so i would pull another brand favorite of theirs and mixed them together and then they would gobble them down. and yes, i did this because i wanted mine to eat it, dammit!

  7. knowltons4 says:

    I tried Ziwi Peak a few months ago and made both cats throw up. It is very rich so maybe that’s why. I did try and transition. It is really quite expensive too at over $3.00 a can. I am having great luck with Castor and Pollux Organix grain free canned cat food. It’s on the approved list that you have posted before. I am sure it’s excellent quality food but go really slow as it is so much richer than anything else I have tried.

    1. the beef made mine throw up – but beef from anywhere makes them puke. which flavors did you try?

      1. knowltons4 says:

        It was the venison.

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