Paws of Valor: Astounding Acts of Heroism by Cats Who Stepped in to Defend Their Owners in Dangerous Situations

A cat is always a vital member of a family unit, but sometimes their role is even more pivotal. Sometimes kitties can become lifesavers, protecting their owners or raising the alarm of danger. Here are some real stories of heroic cats.

Saving a Diabetic

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One cat owner has explained how their cat woke them up during a severe blood sugar crash – if they hadn’t resolved it, they would’ve ended up in a coma. And the cat repeated the trick more times during the owner’s life!

Alerting to an Imminent Fire

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Sometimes cats can sense imminent danger – an owner woke to their cat pestering them, only to realize the sump pump was about to set on fire downstairs.

Stress Therapy

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Many owners have talked about how their cats may not have provided emergency relief, but instead, they are a form of stress therapy that keeps them going.

Identifying Cancer

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Many pet owners have told stories of their cats pawing at different body parts, only to discover they had a cancerous tumor growing there when they sought medical advice.

Warning of a Break In

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Sometimes it may not be a health issue but a safety issue – some people have told of their cat waking them with a growl to alert them of a home intruder.

Sleep Apnea Wake-Up

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Quite a few cat owners have told stories of their cat waking them up in the middle of the night because they (the owner) had stopped breathing – and how they could speak to their doctor to start sleep apnea treatment.

Preventing Electrocution

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A pretty incredible story came from one cat owner who spilled a liquid on an electrical device, went to grab it, and their cat darted in the way to stop the owner from touching it and getting a shock.


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Many owners feel the profound health benefits of companionship from their cat, which can help keep owners from severe emotional and mental illnesses.

Infection Awareness

Ragdoll Cat Behavior During Human Pregnancy
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Similar to detecting cancers, cats can also detect infections, and many people have told stories of their cats paying attention to an area where they had an undetected illness.

Calming Panic

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Ever suffer from panic attacks? Having a pet to focus on has been shown to help many people who’ve undergone an attack and struggled to breathe.

Keeping You Alert

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Cats seem to know when your health is at risk – one cat owner talked about how they were about to pass out due to a breathing issue, and their cat kept them conscious enough to seek the right help.

Just Checking In

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One of the best stories? An owner talked about their multiple disabilities and illnesses and how every now and then, the cat would do a check-in, with a friendly and persistent nudge, and make sure all was OK and no help was needed.
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