One Previous Owner, Purrs Like a Charm – How One Clever Cat Rescue Worker’s Genius Idea Parodied a Car Advert to Help Rehome These Cats in Need

When Carvana launched its campaign to simplify buying cars, who knew it would lead to helping cats find their forever (furever?) home. Kayla Delcoure, who runs the social media for Atlanta cat rescue Pippi’s Place, came up with an amazing parody post, Catvana ad, that took the internet by storm. They say laughter is the best medicine, and this parody post proved to be the ultimate remedy, spreading joy and hilarity to cat lovers worldwide.

2022 Pursche Ashton

Photo credit: Pippis Place Pet Rescue.

This dilute tortie female cat was described as having a four-paw drive, antislip tires, and a custom multicolor exterior.

2016 Furd Baby Cat

Photo credit: Pippis Place Pet Rescue.

The cute for this ‘Furd’ cat described him as having impact sensors and a rear air vent, with a white exterior and custom cow decal kit.

2015 Furcedes Buddy

Photo credit: Pippis Place Pet Rescue.

This two-tone exterior male cat comes with a custom grey saddle kit and power napping features and is certified as 100% Good Boy.

2022 Meowzda Cassie

Photo credit: Pippis Place Pet Rescue.

This tortie female is described as having safety sensors (eyes), and she is stain resistant. She has the stealth package and is a self-cleaning model.

2023 Mini Pooper Mr Goodbar

Photo credit: Pippis Place Pet Rescue.

This model compact male cat has a two-tone exterior with a mackerel decal kit and is Automatic with two speeds – nap and ZOOM.

2022 Apura Little Man

Photo credit: Pippis Place Pet Rescue.

A model orange male cat, he comes with a custom white tux decal cat, is fully litterbox trained, and comes with a seat heater function.

2022 Catillac Simon

Photo credit: Pippis Place Pet Rescue.

This male model blue cat has a white embellishment decal kit, and he comes with ‘earplane’ mode. This is the sport package, and he is an entertainment system.

2021 Meowdi Stitch

Photo credit: Pippis Place Pet Rescue.

A male domestic short hair, this cat has a premium speaker mouth that gets super loud. He has the iconic ‘M’ ornament on his forehead, for “Master Smuggler”.

2014 Furrari Arlis

Photo credit: Pippis Place Pet Rescue.

This cat-friendly, kid-friendly male domestic medium-hair cat has a sleek black exterior with a custom white decal. The two-speed gearbox includes Naps and Fast.

Meowtorcycle Cats

Photo credit: Pippis Place Pet Rescue.

Following the original post, two “meowtorcycle” cats were also added to the social posts – a Du-cat-I Curious and his sidecar Du-cat-I Tommy, both described as having custom “spoile(a)rs” and enhanced security systems.

Successful Campaign

Photo credit: Pippis Place Pet Rescue.

The social campaign was rated a huge success. Not only did it go viral, but it directly led to some of the cats being rehomed within days of going live.

Anonymous Donor

Photo credit: Pippis Place Pet Rescue.

Making the campaign even more successful, an anonymous donor came across the story on Reddit and agreed to match all rehoming fees as a bonus donation to the cat rescue.

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