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Kristi and Albert, one of her kings
Kristi and Albert, one of her kings

I have been a cat owner/lover my entire life.  I got my first Ragdoll at age 15 and she was with me for 18 wonderful years. After she passed, I took a break from pets and spent the next several years raising kids (the human kind).  Our youngest daughter went off to college a couple years ago and is getting married this June.  As my husband I and I enter this phase called “empty nesters” our nest is anything but empty.  Along with our two year-old Boxer, Charley, we have acquired 9 ragdolls and they are being raised in our home.   Our cattery is called Big City Ragdolls.  My husband and I love to travel — especially taking long trips by car.  We will pass through a city or town and say “that would be a good name for a kitten.”  That’s how we came up with the name.  All of our cats are named after cities we’ve visited or plan to visit.  We have our first litters being born this spring/summer and are excited to share our love for Ragdolls.  If you are interested in a kitten, please check our our website at or contact Kristi at (513) 515-0129.


Big City Ragdoll Kitten
Big City Ragdoll Kitten

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2 thoughts on “Big City Ragdolls – Cincinnati, OH

  1. Pierrette Pena says:

    We just purchased our first Ragdoll at Big City Ragdolls. She arrived in our home just in time for Christmas 2012 . Everything we had read about Ragdolls came true! After only two days our new kitty is following us everywhere and cannot seem to give/receive enough love. Her personality is absolutely exquisite, we could never have found a better kitty. Thank you Kristi for raising such a gentle and loving cat!

  2. Stephanie Everett says:

    I found my first and only (for now) Ragdoll, Latte, at Big City Ragdolls this year (2012). She is beyond wonderful. We had a very good experience.

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