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Baby Simba born September 24, 2011, who came home December 10, 2011.
Baby Simba born September 24, 2011, who came home December 10, 2011.

Meet Simba…

I first heard of Ragdolls when I searching to adopt & saw a Ragdoll mix.  I researched Ragdolls, since I wasn’t familiar with the breed, or cats for that matter. I called to inquire about adopting her & wanted to schedule a time to stop by.  I was told to wait until she was ready to leave her kittens to plan a visit, in one month.  When I called back on the specific date, she had been adopted by another family. I was very disappointed.

Home with family …
Home with family …

I went on my quest to find a Ragdoll breeder.  After countless searches, I found a breeder, Melissa Keefer, founder of Pretty Kitty Ragdolls.  When I spoke to Melissa, I quickly had a connection with her & knew immediately she’s a reputable breeder.  She had many adorable kittens to choose from.  I initially inquired about a Seal Point Bi-color kitten, since I loved the dark bi-color faces, then I saw my boy – Blue Point Mitted w/Blaze – loved the mitts & blaze!  I knew that he was the one for me.  I mailed my deposit in the next day.  Melissa was a tremendous help before, during the transition & to this day.  We keep in touch, & I would highly recommend her!

He grew up to be a fine looking boy!

Simba 3Coming up with his name was difficult.  I was searching many sites & didn’t decide on a name until a month after I brought him home.  We decided on Simba. The name suits him well with his mane & superior, yet gentle attitude.

I saw this on I just had to have it.  I was entered in the contest, & since I decided win, I decided to purchase it anyways!  Here is Simba sprawled out enjoying the luxury…

Simba 4

Tired out from bird watching…

Simba 5
Simba 6

Simba 9I decided Simba needed a playmate when he was 8 months old.  I have a little Seal Point Bi-color kitty (same breeder).  I had picked out her name before I brought her home – Sasha.  The two immediately bonded, with Simba grooming her in the few moments they finally met face-to-face.  They chase one another around, as she is finally getting bigger & challenging him.  Simba is a big boy now, weighing 12-1/4 lbs. now a little over 1 year old & daily exercise is a good thing.

Here are a few pictures of Simba adoring his new playmate when they first met…

Simba 7
Simba 8

Simba’s birthday – September 24, 2012….

Simba 10

Simba 11
He’s not happy about this!

Sometimes things just work out for the best & we have to experience some disappointments.  I didn’t get the Ragdoll mix, but I have 2 wonderful Ragdoll kitties that I adore!  I was lucky I committed to Simba that evening on the phone because I was told later that many people were disappointed that he was reserved!

My thanks to Jenny & all the readers for the great stories & advice.

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  1. Oh, what cute dollies– they look like the best of friends!

  2. Simba is a beauty, with adorable markings and a sweet blazed face. Always fun to see progression photos from kitten to adult. So nice how he and his sister bonded right away. Lucky you!

  3. So sweet- I wish my two got along like that! So true about the disappointments that work out for the best. I had my heart set on another kitty who got adopted by someone else. So disappointed, but then Emily came along and it’s worked out wonderfully.

  4. Simba and Sasha are both beauties. Melissa Keefer is the lovely woman who helped me figure out who my Andy was when I first found in on the street. She is and was a font of information and kindness.

    I am sure you will all have many years of happiness. Thank you for all the photos – they are all such fun! And thanks for sharing!

  5. I LOVE the picture of the 2 of them in the carrier….priceless!

    I’m a big believer in you always need a partner in crime!

    Congrats on your two beautiful babies!!!!

  6. What a lucky pair of babies you have there. They are going to give you more than a lifetime of love and pleasure. Very beautiful cats and, I’m sure, never get into any trouble.

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