Pros and Cons of the Cat World’s Gentle Giant

Owning a Ragdoll cat is a fantastic thing – they are one of the most special cat breeds in the world. But while they have many good points, there are a couple of ‘downsides’ to a Ragdoll that are good to know. So, let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of Ragdolls.

Pro – Loyalty

Purebred beautiful cat ragdoll descends from pink knitted plaid
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Ragdoll cats are very loyal and will often greet you at the door when you return home. They have a puppy-like eagerness that sees them seek out your love.

Pro – They Love Company

Woman hold her lovely Ragdoll cat with blue eye
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Ragdoll cats are known for being very people-friendly. Don’t be surprised if you spend your entire time in your home being followed and cuddled by these lovable kitties. Although…

Con – They REALLY Love Company

Ragdoll blue point little kitten on a colored background studio
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While it’s usually endearing when your Ragdoll cat follows you around the home, sometimes you may find yourself lacking a moment of peace. If you like your bathroom trips to remain a solo adventure, be quick to get in there and close the door.

Pro – They’re Child-Friendly

girl holding a wet ragdoll kittein in a towel after a bath
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It always depends on the individual personality of a cat, but most Ragdolls are super-sweet and relaxed around children – even younger kids with less delicate motor skills. Ragdolls are tolerant and calm, and make a great family pet.

Pro – Beautiful Fur

Ragdoll Cat Looking Confused
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Ragdolls have the most beautiful fur coats – thick, super-soft and in a range of colors and patterns. They’re not just gorgeous to look at, but stroking them can be extremely comforting.

Con – The Fur Gets Everywhere

Casper - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month sleeping
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Ragdoll cats do shed – despite some people believing they don’t. The fur does tend to get around, so you’ll probably want to invest in some good pet hair rollers, and make sure you’re vacuuming regularly.

Pro – High Intelligence

Blue Lynx Mitted ragdoll cat trigg with yeowww catnip Pineapple cat toy IMG_3395
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Ragdoll cats are an intelligent breed, and they’ll show this in their day-to-day behavior. This can make playtime more fun with puzzle toys, though they also love tunnels and cat wands too.

Pro – Laid Back Temperament

Ragdoll blue point kitten
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A Ragdoll cat normally has a very relaxed temperament. They don’t tend to get angry often, or lash out, provided you care for them properly. Most cat owners describe them as being very easy to care for.

Con – Expensive Breed

Impressive young Ragdoll cat boy, sitting up facing. Looking towards camera with dark blue eyes. Isolated on a black background.
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While not the most expensive cat breed, purebred Ragdolls do still have a relatively high price tag. Still, once you’ve bought a cat you’ll realize they’re worth every penny.

Pro – Trainable

seal mitted ragdoll kitten on hind legs facing the camera on an orange blanket
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Ragdoll cats can be trained in a number of ways, which can be fun but also useful. You can reinforce good behavior and a Ragdoll is more likely to learn and understand.

Pro – Suited to Indoor Spaces

two blue eyed ragdoll cats standing on a couch
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Ragdolls are typically an indoor cat – they don’t do well exploring the outdoors alone, as they’re quite naïve. If you’re looking for a breed suited to living mostly indoors, a Ragdoll is an excellent choice.

Overall – Pros Win!

Young woman hugs a ragdoll cat on a red background. Love to the animals.
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In reality, Ragdoll cats have very few downsides, and cat owners typically love them. They are a fun-loving, adorable, and highly affectionate breed who will give back as much adoration as you give them.

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