QUIT IT! Cat Training Aid

QUIT IT is a correction tool for your pet. I would never have thought to use it for my cats, but it was sent to me for review, and I love it. I wish I had one for every floor of my house!


Unlike some other cat correction products, QUIT IT! doesn’t use water, bad flavors or smells, or anything that will harm your cat. It’s a can of compressed air that makes a sound that startles them enough to jolt them out of the bad behavior. We have used this for disrupting fights. It would be good to use for many offending behaviors, like scratching up furniture, biting, making messes, or begging. I didn’t request this product to review, but it was sent to me in the mail, and it looked harmless, so I tried it out. It works well, and I like that it doesn’t do anything to my cats, except scare them a little with the hissing sound it makes. The sound is not jarring for me, which also I appreciate. The product is small and is something you could carry with you if you have an indoor/outdoor cat or planned to use it walking a dog. Because it’s compressed air, you don’t want to squeeze the trigger if the nozzle is pointing at your kitties or it’s too close to them. Be careful where you store it like you would with any other product like this. One can lasts about 30 uses.

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