Fresh Is Best Rabbit Tenders

The Fresh Is Best Rabbit Tenders are an all-natural, boneless rabbit meat treat for your pet made with human-grade ingredients. They are a viable choice to provide them with high-quality nutrition that ensures superior health.


The tenders are made with 100% grass-fed rabbits raised ethically without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Grain and gluten-free, the rabbit tenders go through a slow freeze-drying process and are vacuum sealed in high oxygen barrier packaging to preserve maximum freshness.

The product is also free of preservatives or fillers, making it a rich source of vitamins and minerals found in raw bone.

The tenders are great to serve as a separate treat or sprinkle on top of food to supplement any diet with nutrient-dense raw meat to entice your pet to eat their meal. You can serve them dry or wet by rehydrating them with equal portions of warm water.

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