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Whole Life Pet Products – Cat Treats are 100% pure and sourced in the USA. My cats love them, and I love that they are healthy for them.


Whole Life Pet Products – Cat Treats are all-natural cat treats that come in several flavors – cod, turkey, liver, salmon, and chicken. These gourmet cat treats were recommended to me by a breeder who feeds them to her cats. She likes that they are so pure and close to what cats eat in nature, and so do I. These are human grade food products and are made in small batches and sourced in the USA. This is something you can feel good about feeding your pets.

Because these are freeze dried cat treats, they have no residue or liquid, which means less mess and residue in your home or on your carpets. If your cats are food motivated and need some extra exercise, you could throw these for them to run after, or you could put them inside of a cat puzzle toy. These would be a good way to encourage an older cat to eat, or get a picky eater to try out a new dish. These treats are pricey, so you may want to order some samples from the company first so you can make sure your cats like them and find out which flavors they prefer. One of my cat likes all of them, and the other isn’t a fan of liver. That is good information to know in case I want to use the treats for motivation.

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