Does Your Cat Like To Roll Around In Dirt?

Charlie rolling around in the dirt
Charlie rolling around in the dirt

When I lived in Albuquerque, my boyfriend’s cat at the time loved to go outside and roll in the dirt.  I thought it was pretty gross at the time because she came in the house with all this dirt on her.  Sorta like PigPen from Charlie Brown.

When I let Rags outside for the last 4 years of his life, he didn’t roll around at all outside.  My parents’ Ragdoll cats, Caymus and Murphy, roll around but only on my parents’ patio – and they do it on my patio if they come over here too.  However, Charlie and Trigg are both dirt rollers.  This is also the reason I need flea control, I am guessing.  Although I am learning that flea control also has to do with what your kitty eats – more on that later when I have finished my research on it.

Charlie rolling around in the dirt
Charlie rolling around in the dirt

Of course, for your kitty to be a dirt roller, then more than likely you let her or him outside…so there will be exceptions here, I have no doubt.

I am curious to know if this is normal Ragdoll cat behavior or not.  Does anyone know why they do it?  I have heard it’s so that they will musk their own scent or something.

Does your cat roll in the dirt? Why do cats like to roll in dirt? Share in the comments, we would like to know.

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  1. Now that Spring is here, Andy goes out for few rolls in the loose soil every day. He is so dirty! And it is so funny to see this beautiful bunny cat being so feral. My two tabbies sit & watch him. I am sure they think he’s nuts – they would never do anything so undignified. 🙂

  2. My cat, KittyKatGo, (Part Russian Blue) loves the dirt! Whenever she’s excited or happy, (Such as when she greets me in the driveway or we’re just walking together around the yard) she gets all fired up and starts her dirt rolling. Often in the same spots. My other cats would never be caught dead acting in such an undignified fashion!

  3. part of the reason is to remove the static from their fur. another reason might be to condition the fur; i know that after a day of dirt rolling, my cat’s fur is extremely soft.

  4. Only one of my two ragdolls likes to roll in dirt. They are inside only cats but as soon as Claudius gets into the garage he starts rolling on the dirty garage floor! Max however never rolls in the garage, he is too busy exploring underneath the car and getting oil stains on his fur!

    1. my cats will do that too – roll around on the garage floor. that’s too cute about max!!

  5. Yup. Andy loves to roll in the dirt and on the cement, clearly joyfully. I always laugh. My two tabbies don’t even like to walk in the dirt. Andy’s behavior is so different from the other two – I just thought he was a funny guy. Now I am curious to see how many raggies roll…

    1. how funny that your other ones do not. the cat I knew in albuquerque was a DS. it is joyfully! i love that word to describe it!

  6. I have a14 yr old shorthair tuxedo cat who loves 2 roll in the dirt. She only goes out on our little patio and just one place in the dirt! I’ve always wondered why she does it 2. Mabe just cuz they like 2!!!

    1. yes, my ex’s cat always went to the same spot to roll. charlie and trigg don’t seem to have a preference of where. i sorta wish they didn’t do the rolling as it brings a lot of dirt into the house and more work for me. it’s like owning dogs!

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