Firework Frenzy – Why Many American Pet Owners Will Be Celebrating a Little Less on Fourth of July and Top Tips on Keeping Your Pets Calm

While many people look forward to the Fourth of July to celebrate with fireworks, pet owners often dread the moment the explosives start sounding. Here’s why you should reconsider your firework display this year and ways to help cats and dogs through the noisy night. Remember, a little extra care and consideration can go a long way in ensuring a stress-free and comfortable experience for our beloved furry companions during this festive time.

Basic Prep

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As a basic guide, you should ensure all doors and windows are closed when fireworks start – it’s a simple tip to minimize the noise. Close internal doors, too, if you can.

Advance Planning

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If a part of your home is well protected from sound, make this a comfy spot for your pets in advance so they have a happy place. Add some cozy blankets and toys so they know that it’s a relaxing place to unwind and they have a haven to retreat to.

Thunderstorm Warning

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Just a heads up – many problems with fireworks are also issues for pets during thunderstorms. But not always – some pets are OK with thunder but hate fireworks.

Crank Up The TV

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Covering the noise of the fireworks with the sounds of the TV is a simple way to help – be mindful of neighbors but try to drown out the explosions.


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If your cat or dog struggles with anxiety due to fireworks, try to take their mind off it. Don’t react to the fireworks yourself, and engage in playtime with them.

Action Movies

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Surprisingly, some people recommend using action movies to help distract with fireworks. They can help cover up unexpected noises and help your pet adjust to milder explosive sounds.

Blanket Haven

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Set up some comfy soft blankets for your cat or dog before the Fourth of July – somewhere they can snuggle into and wrap themselves up.


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Consider buying a ThunderShirt® – these are jackets designed for cats and dogs that apply mild pressure, giving your pet a hugging, soothing feeling, like a weighted blanket for humans.

White Noise Machine

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White noise machines can be soothing for cats and dogs during fireworks displays. If you don’t have a dedicated device, check your music streaming app of choice, as they often have white noise tracks.

Essential Oil Diffusers

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Some essential oil diffusers are designed with pets in mind, using scents that can create a calming atmosphere for your cat or dog.


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Be prepared to give your cat or pup a lot of cuddles if they are scared during the fireworks. They may retreat to be alone, but make sure you’re there to comfort them if they need it.

Alternatives to Fireworks

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Thinking about buying fireworks for the Fourth of July this year? How about skipping that tradition this year and instead purchasing some pet food to donate to your local shelter?

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