Fizzion Cat Stain and Odor Remover Product Review

Trigg with Fizzion Products
Trigg with Fizzion Products

I have to admit that I was doubtful about Fizzion.  I am usually not impressed with cleaners that claim to work miracles, but since Jackson Galaxy recommended it on Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell, I figured it must work. I just foresaw myself doing an infomercial of sorts when doing the video of this – but more because it would feel cheesy like that! But, this stuff REALLY WORKS (and it has rave reviews on that sound very similar to my experience with it).

I tried it on:

  • a pesky stain I had in the carpet in a closet in my basement
  • a pesky stain I had in the carpet upstairs in my bedroom

I am not sure what the origin is of the one in my closet in my basement, but the one upstairs was from cat puke.  I would never wish that my cats peed anywhere but in the litter box, but I sorta wish that they would have so I could have tested this on cat urine.  Knock on wood they won’t now that I have said that and now that the review is nearly done and my pesky stains are gone!

Charlie with Fizzion Products
Charlie with Fizzion Products

I love that Fizzion is Green!  You can see in the video below how the 2 stains came out.

I asked Fizzion about using their product on wool carpets (which is what my mom has) and here’s what they had to say, “Just spoke with “Dr. Fizz” to find out the answer to your question about wool.  He explained to me that a big problem with wool carpets are the types of dyes that they use.  Cleaners that are very acidic or alkaline can cause problems with those.  Fizzion has a neutral pH which should be gentle enough to use without a problem.  Of course, (with wool or otherwise) we always recommend that you color test a hidden area of carpet before you attack!”

Our arrival video covers what all we got in the package:


And here’s the video I did of actually removing the stains – WHOA (just say that like Joey from Blossom)!


I love this product.  I will be using it for a long time.

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