Starting from Scratch: How to Correct Behavior Problems in Your Adult Cat

“Starting from Scratch” is a book about fixing behavioral issues in adult cats. It is written by Certified Animal Behavior Consultant Pam Johnson-Bennett and it features a background view of the cat’s connection with its environment, as well as techniques for fixing their issues.


From adopted cats who are not behaving well in their new house to plain and simple stubborn cats, adult cats can be quite a struggle for their owners. “Starting from Scratch” provides the necessary tools to better under the cat’s behavioral background and its means of connecting with the environment.

Author Pam Johnson-Bennett, a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant with 7 best-sellers under her belt, also offers special techniques that cat owners can use if their cats are misbehaving. Not only can owners understand their pets better, but they can also learn how to make them behave properly in just a few easy steps.

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