CatWise: America’s Favorite Cat Expert Answers Your Cat Behavior Questions

In, CatWise, feline behavior specialist Pam Johnson-Bennett answers the biggest questions posed by cat owners about their pet’s behavior. The book features the answers to 150 questions that owners have been struggling with for years. Whether you need to untangle or fine tune the relationship with your cat, this book certainly has the answers.


CatWise is a comprehensive Q&A collection from America’s favorite cat expert, Pam Johnsonn-Bennett where she answers 150 of the top questions raised by cat owners. This book addresses general situations as well as extraordinary ones, which makes it suitable for both new and experienced cat owners.

While new owners will benefit from the entire list of answers, this book could hold the clues for unresolved issues or inexplicable situations that experienced owners have been dealing with for years. If you have a question about cat behavior, it is going to be in Pam Johnson-Bennett’s book and she will have the answer.

Author of another 7 best-sellers on feline behavior, her books teach people how to communicate with their cats, understand more about their character, their needs, and their instincts, and it helps owners to bond with their pets on an entirely new level.

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